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Darkmoon Faire Blazing Wings

Ben Henderson = ass-kicker of Alysrazor

Benson Henderson = MMA ass-kicker of Alysrazor

I don’t know exactly when it happened, but at some point I noticed everyone was walking around with a pair of flaming wings sticking out of their back. I wrote it off as a Halloween thing. Turns out it was more like a Darkmoon Faire thing – a vanity tramp stamp reward for the Brood of Alysrazor achievement. To pull it off, you have to fly through fifty burning rings and you earn your flaming wings.

I usually do the opposite - I eat 50 flaming wings and get one burning ring.

I usually do the opposite – I go through 50 flaming wings and get one burning ring.

There are maps that show the best route to snag your fifty rings. But as Bajheera shows in his video, patience and persistence will also get your the new hot toy.

Hot toy… get it? Because it ends up in your Toy Box, and it’s a set of Blazing Wings. Damn I’m clever.

Crazy About The Insane


Danger! Danger!

That was the word that kept tumbling, loudly and violently, around my head like a boot in a dryer. The word was a warning that came far too late for those brain cells killed by the margaritas, the beers, and the tequila consumed during my visit to Las Vegas. I didn’t really have an excuse for the mass consumption other than the notion that sometimes brain cells need to be put down.

It all came back to the Insane in the Membrane Feat of Strength. I repeatedly watched the Youtube video strategy that I posted last week, and made the mistake of reading the comments beneath it. Never a good thing. People bickered back and forth about rep levels. Some claimed you had to maintain Bloodsail Buccaneers at Honored while raising Steamwheel Cartel levels. Others swore you just had to get the Bloodsail Buccaneer rep to Honored, then you could burn it down with cloth hand-ins to repair the Steamwheel Cartel rep.

GotJokesGaming had also posted an excellent strategy video for getting The Insane title. The rep change was noted in the video. Things became a little more complicated.

Luckily, GJG also created a video to help maximize the rep gain bonuses. Phew!

Conflicting information befuddled me. What was true? What was not? What could I believe?

In the end Blue poster Zorbrix thankfully came through with The Truth:

Hey everybody, just wanted to clear this up since there was some confusion regarding the comment posted in the Hotfix Blog Post.

I’ll start with a bit of history. Prior to this hotfix, some players were encountering an issue where they wouldn’t get the Insane in the Membrane Feat of Strength awarded to them if they didn’t concurrently have the the required factions (namely the Goblin Cartels and Bloodsail Buccaneers) at the required rep level. This was a bug, as it’s no longer a requirement that you have all those reps at the required level at the same time.

In order to fix this, we had to slightly re-build how our achievement system tracks your character’s progress towards this Feat of Strength via Hotfix. This is likely why methods of “tracking” the Feat of Strength aren’t showing progress as they did before.

Now that the hotfix is applied, going forward you will now retain credit for any of these reputations even if you do something that makes you lose reputation with them. Additionally, we were able to grant retroactive credit towards the Bloodsail Buccaneers portion, as long as you had completed the Avast Ye, Admiral quest. Unfortunately no retroactive credit was provided to players who had reached exalted with any of the Goblin Cartel reputations. If you didn’t get the Feat of Strength after the hotfix was applied on April 14th, and you don’t currently have the four Goblin Cartel reputations at exalted, you’ll need to re-obtain those reputations again.

I’m not entirely sure what this means for me as far as attempting the Feat of Strength. But I do know I need Asprin. And water.

… and quite possibly the Insane title.

Insane in the Membrane

Crazier things have happened in Las Vegas.

Crazier things have happened in Las Vegas.

I’ll blame it on Las Vegas.

I’ve been enjoying myself here in Sin City. Maybe it’s the sun. Or the gambling. Or the tequila. Probably the tequila. Okay, it was the tequila. But regardless of where I’m placing the blame (ahem tequila) the idea that maybe I need to get the title “the Insane” for my World of Warcraft characters. I’ve wanted the title for years, but never really wanted to commit to it. You need to be committed to get the title (and by committed I mean put in a nice room with pillows on the walls, fitted with a comfy coat with sleeves that tie up in the back.)

I actually may have started this grind with one of my DK’s. I don’t recall exactly why it happened, but he killed a whole bunch of Booty Bay guards and picked up a snappy pirate outfit from the Bloodsail Buccaneers. So one part of the achievement is already done. I’m now considering using him to (painstakingly slowly) burn through the rest of the rep grinds and get the title.

Of course, by doing this I’d pretty much be a) putting him out of commission for anything other than rep grinding, and b) eating up most of the (little) game time I have at my disposal. I also may have to level up a rogue to pickpocket Large Junkboxes for the Ravenhold part of the grind.

Asmongold came up with a very informative video regarding getting the title “The Insane.”

Once I sober up and my tongue tastes a little less like the floor of a Tijuana bar, I’ll probably revisit the sanity of chasing The Insane. Until then, Vegas baby! Whooooooo!

Patch 4.3 – The New Darkmoon Faire

Patch 4.3 is only a few weeks away (doesn’t it seem like I’m always saying this?  Cause it feels like I’m always saying this.)  Another sweet piece coming out with the patch is the new Darkmoon Faire Island.  No, this isn’t a new level in some Super Mario game.  It’s the Darkmoon Faire like you’ve never seen it before (and by that I mean it’s good for something other than the Inscription decks.)  
Basically it breaks down like this:  you play the various carny games and you get tickets.  You then use those tickets to buy vanity pets, vanity mounts, vanity (read: transmogrification) gear, and some heirloom items. 
My thoughts:  people ragged on how Mists of Pandaria is stupid, campy, geared for kids and “those dirty casuals”, yet these same people are going to trip over themselves just so they can play dress up in old raid gear. OMG PRETTY!
Anyhow, it’s a nice diversion and some easy achievement points.