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Draenor Pathfinder Achievement

Triple ding baby!

Triple ding baby!

Well the daily “Assault on the Pit” took its sweet-ass time in getting here. But it did. And now, I have an account full of people who will be flying around Draenor.

Oh wait, no they won’t. Most of them will stay right where they are – in their garrison, running missions, making gold. I do have a few alts on the go, but only one of them are in Draenor – and he’s already at level 95. He could easily be 100 by the time patch 6.2.1 goes live.

It’s hard to say what kind of influence flying will have on my game time. It’ll probably help with gathering lumber, for those toons that have the lumber mill and are somewhat resource starved. But as far as going out sightseeing, I’ve got better things to do with my time.

No regrets in getting the meta though. I improve my gear through apexis crystals, finished every zone, saw some cool quests, and ended up with this… thing.

Soaring Skyterror? Uh...

Soaring Skyterror? Uh…

For sure this atrocity won’t see the light of day again after this picture was taken.

Protip – Harrison Jones


Treasure Hunter and Mentor extrodinaire, Harrison Jones, can be a very important addition to any garrison. But he’s not about to just dance over to you and offer his services, no matter what kind of a swell person you are or how many Dance Studio talents you throw his way. To get him you need to complete the six Treasure Contracts that he offers. These are dailies, and it can take quite a bit of time before he even shows up in the first place, let alone get these things finished. So don’t expect to have Dr. Jones setting up residence in your garrison anytime soon.

But of course, there is a way to speed up the process.

Protip: Check the custom groups for a Harrison Jones group if he doesn’t show up in your garrison. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to get one quest a day. In theory, you could have Harrison Jones in less than a week.

Protip: If Harrison Jones is in your garrison, set up a custom group of your own so that others may have the chance to get your Harrison Jones daily.

Good luck and get at it people!

Darkmoon Faire Blazing Wings

Ben Henderson = ass-kicker of Alysrazor

Benson Henderson = MMA ass-kicker of Alysrazor

I don’t know exactly when it happened, but at some point I noticed everyone was walking around with a pair of flaming wings sticking out of their back. I wrote it off as a Halloween thing. Turns out it was more like a Darkmoon Faire thing – a vanity tramp stamp reward for the Brood of Alysrazor achievement. To pull it off, you have to fly through fifty burning rings and you earn your flaming wings.

I usually do the opposite - I eat 50 flaming wings and get one burning ring.

I usually do the opposite – I go through 50 flaming wings and get one burning ring.

There are maps that show the best route to snag your fifty rings. But as Bajheera shows in his video, patience and persistence will also get your the new hot toy.

Hot toy… get it? Because it ends up in your Toy Box, and it’s a set of Blazing Wings. Damn I’m clever.

Down But Not Out


Sorry for not posting on Friday. Had a medical issue that I’m recovering from, and I’m pretty laid out. Off my feet, no heavy lifting, pretty much just a lump on a log right now. Gonna be about a week until I can walk around, and longer before I’m back at the gym. Luckily I can still be productive in-game. After getting the farms and crafting sorted out for selling, I took some time to knock out some achievements. I managed two big scores:


After literally flying around the entire content of Northrend, checking every spawn point in every zone, I found her literally in last place I looked.


Poor quality, but I can fix that. I’ve got the time to make it happen.

Screenshot Saturday

With my busy University schedule, I have exactly one day of free time.  In that day I shop, visit with family and friends, and kill things in World of Warcraft.

This was my Saturday of Slaughter.

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