Darkmoon Faire Blazing Wings

Ben Henderson = ass-kicker of Alysrazor

Benson Henderson = MMA ass-kicker of Alysrazor

I don’t know exactly when it happened, but at some point I noticed everyone was walking around with a pair of flaming wings sticking out of their back. I wrote it off as a Halloween thing. Turns out it was more like a Darkmoon Faire thing – a vanity tramp stamp reward for the Brood of Alysrazor achievement. To pull it off, you have to fly through fifty burning rings and you earn your flaming wings.

I usually do the opposite - I eat 50 flaming wings and get one burning ring.

I usually do the opposite – I go through 50 flaming wings and get one burning ring.

There are maps that show the best route to snag your fifty rings. But as Bajheera shows in his video, patience and persistence will also get your the new hot toy.

Hot toy… get it? Because it ends up in your Toy Box, and it’s a set of Blazing Wings. Damn I’m clever.

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