Insane in the Membrane

Crazier things have happened in Las Vegas.

Crazier things have happened in Las Vegas.

I’ll blame it on Las Vegas.

I’ve been enjoying myself here in Sin City. Maybe it’s the sun. Or the gambling. Or the tequila. Probably the tequila. Okay, it was the tequila. But regardless of where I’m placing the blame (ahem tequila) the idea that maybe I need to get the title “the Insane” for my World of Warcraft characters. I’ve wanted the title for years, but never really wanted to commit to it. You need to be committed to get the title (and by committed I mean put in a nice room with pillows on the walls, fitted with a comfy coat with sleeves that tie up in the back.)

I actually may have started this grind with one of my DK’s. I don’t recall exactly why it happened, but he killed a whole bunch of Booty Bay guards and picked up a snappy pirate outfit from the Bloodsail Buccaneers. So one part of the achievement is already done. I’m now considering using him to (painstakingly slowly) burn through the rest of the rep grinds and get the title.

Of course, by doing this I’d pretty much be a) putting him out of commission for anything other than rep grinding, and b) eating up most of the (little) game time I have at my disposal. I also may have to level up a rogue to pickpocket Large Junkboxes for the Ravenhold part of the grind.

Asmongold came up with a very informative video regarding getting the title “The Insane.”

Once I sober up and my tongue tastes a little less like the floor of a Tijuana bar, I’ll probably revisit the sanity of chasing The Insane. Until then, Vegas baby! Whooooooo!

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