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The Fun Guy?


So it looks like I’m starting over.



When you have a couple dozen leveling misfit alts, several of which are the same class,  everybody tends to blur together. You know, like that one toon had that one thing that you thought was cool, but got lost in the shuffle after leveling another three characters of the same class. That old song and dance, knowwhatImean?

I happened to be bouncing between servers, looking for something on someone, when I came across a Death Knight that I had leveled to 100. For some reason, despite leveling a number of Death Knights, this particular one I associated with fun. He had a PVP tabard that I liked, and had repped up with a few MoP factions that got him close to unlocking some sweet mounts and such. He was fun to play.

Fun. I like fun.

That’s when the broken pieces of my thought process started churning like spaghetti in a blender. There were aspects of Legion that I enjoyed. Why not enjoy them once again on my Fun Guy. That’s like fun with a side order of fun! I mean, what’s the point of playing if you’re not having fun, right?

Step one was getting his professions sorted out. I started this process pre-7.2, and looking back I might not have made the changes I did. I dropped Blacksmithing and Enchanting, both capped at 700, and picked up Jewelcrafting and Skinning. I had some time and some spare change, so getting both to 700 did not take much effort at all.

The Skinning I did here:


The Jewelcrafting happened thusly:


The question, of course, is why those two professions?

Jewelcrafting has gold-making potential. From what I’ve read, reaching 800 skill level is no longer an expensive nightmare grind in the Patch 7.2 world. Granted, this is also going to cut down on potential profits. But since I also ground out the Cloud Serpent rep and got the recipes for all of the Jeweled Panther mounts, there’s still gold-potential to be had. Also, I haven’t done the Jewelcrafting questline yet so it’s a slightly new way to level. Anything is better than the usual grind.

Skinning? Yeah, on the surface it doesn’t seem like a very logical fit. Skinning and Jewelcrafting seems to go together like Peanut Butter and Sardines (don’t judge). But the draw from Skinning isn’t the skins. It’s the Blood of Sargeras. Skinning can pile up the most Blood if you happen to be leveling with the Blood enchant on your shoulders. More Bloods, more chance to make gold in one fashion or another.

My Death Knight was at Revered with the Shado-Pan. I probably won’t get flying for another few months, so I’ll take a few days to get Exalted and unlock their Big Cat mounts. I also hear a rumor that there’s also another flying mount that shows up at Exalted.

So much win! So much fun!

Next: My failed 300k gold investment.

Bodyguard Reputation Farming

Bodyguards know about shrinkage, right?

Bodyguards know about shrinkage, right?

Running around as a Blood Death Knight has certain perks. Things like being nigh unkillable in PVE content as long as I don’t do something incredibly stupid. Bringing along a Bodyguard follower to throw in some deeps isn’t really a bad idea either.

But like any relationship, it takes work. You haven’t built that rapport with your Bodyguard yet, so you’re not getting the best they have to offer. They’re going to hold back a bit. But once you build that bond, they start to open up a bit more.

Unlike a regular relationship, you can fast-track through the courtship phase and get right into them goodies.

I’ve got two places I like to take my Bodyguard to build that bond.

The first, and I think the best, is the Burning Front in Talador. There are little gateways that demons are constantly pouring out of. Just set up in front and start killing. I got the 10k rep to take my Bodyguard reputation from Rank 1 to Rank 2 in 35 minutes. Probably could have gone faster but I was feeling lazy. So I just put on some music and did the damn thing.

ZaFrostPet over on Youtube made a short video about the spot, so enjoy it won’t you?

The second place is in Nagrand. Now this spot is less about grinding rep and more about grinding gold. The respawns are fewer and not quite as fast. But the mobs are higher level, and have a chance to drop some good AH items. Thirty minutes here only got me about 2500 rep, but I probably made around 600 gold in AH stuff and vendor items.

Oldbess has a video that outlines the joys and sorrows of this spot. You should watch it. For reelz.

Those are the two spots I like to use. Do you have any places where you go to grind follower rep?

Best Mount for Warlords of Draenor


I’m not exactly what you’d call a mount collector. Oh sure, I picked up most of the easy faction mounts to grab a few achievement points back in the day. But these days, I’m not about to camp a rare mob for hours just for bragging rights. If I’m going out of my way to get a mount, it better be for more than just eye candy.

Take the Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth for example. It’s got vendors you can sell to, buy a Tome of the Clear Mind to change glyphs, and carry multiple players on (if you so choose). I still have it hotkeyed on my action bar. I don’t ride it, but if I need Tomes at least it’s handy.

Try finding a parking spot for this beast.

Not that handy when you’re trying to find a parking spot at the mall.

I’d been hearing chatter from the Warlords of Draenor beta, regarding mounts. It’s common knowledge that there is no flying in WoD. This information comes as a complete shock to no one. Blizzard never allows flying for a patch or two, before eventually making it available at level cap.

However there is a mount that has been suggested as one of the better ones until flying becomes available. Since many of the questing hubs and zones are separated by water (or so I’m told since I’m kinda beta-light), having a mount that can cross water should help to speed up the leveling process.

That means it’s time to grab the Reins of the Azure Water Strider.

Bringing sexy back.

Bringing sexy back.

The catch (har har) is that you need to have Exalted reputation with MoP’s favorite fishermen, The Anglers. According to my math (and by match I mean I plugged in a name for the rep calculator in Wowjutsu) it would take approximately 21 days to go from zero to Exalted. This is assuming you only do the three daily quests available.

Fun fact: You need at least a single level in fishing to get this started.

There’s a questline in Dread Waste that can also get you started. If you are a freshly boosted 90, or didn’t bother starting quests there, you’ll have to unlock it to grab a few thousand rep.

Aside from the three daily quests (1500 rep a day), there’s three other things you can do to speed up the rep gathering.

1) Daily Dungeons – Set the Anglers as your bonus rep, and run the daily Dungeon and Scenario. That’s good for about 500 rep between the two.


2) Hozen Peace Pipe – Farm or buy this bad boy for a one-time buff of 1000 rep for every MoP reputation.

3) Magic Fish – Every day, you have the chance to fish up a, well, a fish. It’s marked as a quest, sending you to Nat Pagle to hand in. You get rep with him (but who cares because screw that guy) and 300 with the Anglers.

Bonus: Commendation with the Anglers – At Revered, you can buy a Bind on Account commendation for the Anglers from Nat Pagle. It gives every character on your account a 100% buff to Angler rep. That makes the final push from Revered to Exalted a little easier. Actually, 100% easier.

My Ambassador is currently sitting at Revered, and I’ve picked up the rep buff commendation. Hopefully I can knock out Exalted and grab the bug mount before Patch 6.0 hits sometime this month. The patch brings class changes, and I’ve got enough on my plate without having to worry about what does what with my class.

Insane in the Membrane

Crazier things have happened in Las Vegas.

Crazier things have happened in Las Vegas.

I’ll blame it on Las Vegas.

I’ve been enjoying myself here in Sin City. Maybe it’s the sun. Or the gambling. Or the tequila. Probably the tequila. Okay, it was the tequila. But regardless of where I’m placing the blame (ahem tequila) the idea that maybe I need to get the title “the Insane” for my World of Warcraft characters. I’ve wanted the title for years, but never really wanted to commit to it. You need to be committed to get the title (and by committed I mean put in a nice room with pillows on the walls, fitted with a comfy coat with sleeves that tie up in the back.)

I actually may have started this grind with one of my DK’s. I don’t recall exactly why it happened, but he killed a whole bunch of Booty Bay guards and picked up a snappy pirate outfit from the Bloodsail Buccaneers. So one part of the achievement is already done. I’m now considering using him to (painstakingly slowly) burn through the rest of the rep grinds and get the title.

Of course, by doing this I’d pretty much be a) putting him out of commission for anything other than rep grinding, and b) eating up most of the (little) game time I have at my disposal. I also may have to level up a rogue to pickpocket Large Junkboxes for the Ravenhold part of the grind.

Asmongold came up with a very informative video regarding getting the title “The Insane.”

Once I sober up and my tongue tastes a little less like the floor of a Tijuana bar, I’ll probably revisit the sanity of chasing The Insane. Until then, Vegas baby! Whooooooo!

Death Knight Rep Gear for Mists of Pandaria

Where does he get all those wonderful toys?

Much like Forrest Gump, I am not a smart man.  Unlike Forrest Gump, I cannot play the Hell out of Ping Pong.  I do like playing the Hell out of World of Warcraft though, which means making the most of my character.  All roads lead to gearing, plain and simple.

There’s three ways to gear up in MoP – Heroic Dungeon drops, Raid drops, and Valor points (well, four including questing but you can practically fall into that equipment).  Each has their own gateway to the goods.  Heroics means getting in there, getting your ass kicked, hoping your loot drops, and then hoping you win the random roll for it.  Raiding provides better gear, tougher mobs to get through, tougher bosses to drop, hoping your epic loot drops, and THEN praying to the RNG gods that you beat the nine to twenty-four other people who may be rolling on it.

Valor gear has its own grind, mostly involving rep.  Blizzard has spread out Valor gear across several Pandaren reputation vendors, and tucked most of them in behind the sexy Revered tag.  This makes it potentially more time consuming to get Valor geared up.  Oh joy.

So where do you go for what?  Well, over at WoW Insider, Daniel Whitcomb posted an excellent article on Rep gear for Death Knights in Mists of Pandaria.  Since I’m a huge fan on not reinventing the wheel, I thought it’d be easiest just to use that list to find the appropriate rep gear. By all means, head over to the Lichborne post too for some great background information and just clever writing. I’m sure they would appreciate the page hits too…  all both of those hits that would be coming from this site.

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