Patch 4.3 – The New Darkmoon Faire

Patch 4.3 is only a few weeks away (doesn’t it seem like I’m always saying this?  Cause it feels like I’m always saying this.)  Another sweet piece coming out with the patch is the new Darkmoon Faire Island.  No, this isn’t a new level in some Super Mario game.  It’s the Darkmoon Faire like you’ve never seen it before (and by that I mean it’s good for something other than the Inscription decks.)  
Basically it breaks down like this:  you play the various carny games and you get tickets.  You then use those tickets to buy vanity pets, vanity mounts, vanity (read: transmogrification) gear, and some heirloom items. 
My thoughts:  people ragged on how Mists of Pandaria is stupid, campy, geared for kids and “those dirty casuals”, yet these same people are going to trip over themselves just so they can play dress up in old raid gear. OMG PRETTY!
Anyhow, it’s a nice diversion and some easy achievement points.

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