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Warcraft IRL

After watching this video, I would 100% play this game in a heartbeat.

Some of the biggest gaming creators joined forces to celebrate the upcoming #WarcraftMovie with an epic game of #WarcraftIRL Capture the Flag! Watch the video to see who came out on top in the ultimate battle of Horde vs. Alliance.



Warcraft Trailer 2

The second trailer for Warcraft was released earlier this week, this time with more dubstep. Thank goodness. I knew something was missing, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Turns out it was techno-tunes.

But music or not, the question is – did it work? Did this trailer generate more interest in the movie than the first trailer did? Time will tell, but from the reviews I’ve been seeing, the answer seems to be a non-emphatic shrug.




For WoW fans, the reaction ranged from “OMG LOVE” to “WTF!” In other words, typical WoW players reaction to anything Blizzard does.  For non-players, ie the general movie-going crowd, I don’t think they’re exactly chomping at the bit to check this out. Even if Blizzard sweetens the deal by giving away free gametime (as is rumored but highly unlikely), I don’t see these trailers drawing in people who are unfamiliar with the story.

I’m a WoW player, so maybe I’m trying to be more forgiving. But I’m not a lore guy, not by any stretch of the imagination, so I’m not hip to the nuances that might be on display in the trailer. I am, however, a movie fan. And as a movie fan, I look at this trailer and see “that dude from the Vikings tv show(?)” walking around in what looks like impractical costume armor, fighting the CGI offspring of Hulk and Van Helsing’s Mister Hyde.


Will Warcraft be a success? I’ll say this – if the $100 Million budget is accurate, then worldwide I’ll predict it’ll probably make its money back. Normally the rule of thumb is to double the budget to account for marketing, but Warcraft will bank on WoW players to spread the word online and everywhere else. They should be able to keep the numbers on the more conservative side.

But the players won’t be able to carry this movie themselves. Warcraft needs the public to want to see it. And I don’t think that’s too likely to happen.

As a player, I hope I’m wrong.

Warcraft will be in theaters June 10, 2016.

My Jedi Death Knight

Rokk Talk

Even UFC Fighters get into the Star Wars spirit.

This has been a bizarre week for me. A week of extremes, you might say. I don’t even know where these ideas came from. They just hit me out of the blue, totally at random. I can’t even come up with a viable fix for it either. Should I cut my medication dosage, increase it, or actually stop and take a look at what the precise Hell I’ve been taking every day? (Edit — Turns out it’s something called a “multi-vitamin”. Kooky, no?)

What am I going on about? For starters, I’ve now done this fifteen times.

The (leveling) Force is strong in this one.

The (leveling) Force is strong in this one.


At the beginning of the week, I was bitching about logging in and having no idea what to do. Sure there was the usual mindless stuff (*cough*garrisons*cough*) but there was no purpose. But my mind, like the weather, will change if you give it a minute. It was more like a day, but the next time I logged in I decided to be a man with a plan. I opted to take my main DK out for a stroll and finish off a rep grind for the Laughing Skull folk. He got his rep to Revered, which was good enough to earn him some new head gear (and new sweet transmog items for all my Horde toons when Legion comes.)

Laughing Skull Garrison, swig of beer for the working Orc. If you get the reference, you are clearly one of the cool kids.

Laughing Skull Garrison, swig of beer for the working Orc. If you get the reference, you are clearly one of the cool kids.


The next day, raiding crept into my head. I asked on Twitter if my system was capable of functioning in LFR would it be adequate for normal raiding. The Rokkstars came up big (both of them in fact) and gave me a resounding shrug, followed by a “yeah probably.” So I logged in with a couple of different characters and LFR Donkey Konged poor Archimonde to see how things went.  They went… well.

During a Christmas concert, while children throttled the life out of various musical instruments and sang yuletide hymns that sounded more like someone kicking a dog down a flight of stairs, I heard a knock on the door in my head.

Me: I don’t even care who this is. Thank you.

Mind: ‘Sup dude. Hey, did you know that payday is coming up and also Warlords of Draenor is still on sale?

Me: I don’t get the connection.

Mind: Well you have a second account. Activate it for a month, buy WoD for it, and boost a character to 90. Then level him up to 100 and transfer it over to your main account. It’s cheaper than buying a boost to 100.

Me: Hey, that sounds like a terrible idea. Why would I want to do the grind to 100 again?

Mind: You can level him on a new server. Become self-sufficient. It’ll give you something to do.

Me: Go home, you’re obviously drunk.

Mind: Fine. Enjoy listening to this Christmas car wreck.

I bought the expansion the next day. I can only take so much seasonal abuse.

I went Alliance because I’d spent the past two days repeatedly shoveling my driveway, and the last thing I wanted to see when I logged into WoW was more snow. I went DK because Star Wars – The Force Awakens was opening in a day or so and Death Knights make great Jedi/Sith. Asphyxiate looks like a damn Force Choke for crying out loud.

Since I was leveling him on a server without a bankroll, there would be no Elixir of the Rapid Mind to speed things along. Not that leveling was going to be slow – it just wouldn’t be a two hour job. That worked out great because it meant I’d be spending more time in every zone, and gathering more garrison resources than if I’d blitzed through it.

So as the Force Awakened, my DK reached level 100.

Death Knight Jedi

Spellfire Longswords make great Lightsabers.


Now to see about making gold, getting the garrison to Level 3, gearing up in Tanaan Jungle, and give some more raiding a try. All while trying to avoid spoilers for Star Wars – The Force Awakens until I can see the damn movie.




Official WoW Cinematic – Legion

The Official Cinematic for World of Warcraft’s next expansion, Legion.


Best Way To Gear Up in Patch 6.2


Patch 6.2 - Y U SO BUSY

Patch 6.2 – Y U SO BUSY


Okay Internet, let’s get one thing straight. I will get Draenor flying. Don’t you worry your pretty little head over it. I just won’t get it in the next few weeks.

And I blame Kephas for that (@TheKephas).

No, not for reelz. Not entirely for reelz.

It all started when I was doing the Tanaan Jungle rep grind dance. I was working the quests, picking up Apexis crystal rewards on a character who really didn’t need the gear. “What a waste,” I thought to myself. “At least I’m getting the rep for flying.”

Meanwhile, as I and many others like to do, I had Youtube videos going in the background while I played. TheKephas videos are some of my favorite ones to play in the background because a) his videos are informative, b) he keeps it simple, and being a simple beast myself I can appreciate that, and c) his videos always feel conversational rather than instructional.

As fate would have it, I happened to be playing his video “Gearing up for Hellfire Citadel” in the background. It’s a great video, and despite the length I highly recommend that you both watch and listen to it. He discusses the best way for gearing up in patch 6.2, so naturally it’s worth checking out.

That video slammed the emergency brakes on my flying progression. Yeah, it was that good. Well, for me anyway. Like I said, I’m a simple beast.

The video in question, or Exhibit A (for Apexis – get it?):

It all seemed like a great way for a character to gear up. That got me thinking – did I have a character that I could gear up like this? At least to the 650ish iLevel?

For the giggles of it I started looking at my level 100 characters. That’s when I found him:

Hello there Disco Duck.

Hello there Disco Duck.

Oh he was terrible for all the right reasons.

  • He was a fresh Level 100 that I blitzed to level cap. When I say fresh I mean just that – he dinged 100 and was tossed to the curb. Case in point: He had a Level 3 Garrison with open plots, and maybe nine followers. I hadn’t even bothered to finish the ten minute quest line that would unlock the Salvage Yard.
  • His gear was putrid. He had a sub-600 iLevel, and still have gear on that was just barely above 500. He was still wearing heirloom items.
  • Alliance. Nuff said.

I decided that for a few days, I would work to get him into Tanaan Jungle and see about upgrading his gear. Of course, I could wake up tomorrow and decide that this is all stupid and a waste of time. But until then, I think I’ll see what I can do.

Nothing like setting the bar low.

Nothing like setting the bar low.

Look at that. I’m playing an undergeared Alliance Prot Warrior. Thanks Kephas!