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Alliance Speed Leveling 90-100


This has been a busy couple of weeks for me. I’ve recently started a temporary training position for a new job, which means working a new schedule. It’s shift work too, which brings more time off but less things like sleeping and forming coherent sentences without a metric ton of coffee in my system at any one time.

I also started leveling up two Alliance characters on a new server.

My DK was already 90, so he got to dip his toes into the Draenor pond. I’ll just say this – for a guy who hates the snow and cold like I do, leveling through the Alliance’s Shadowmoon Valley was a breath of fresh air. At least, it was for the ten minutes I was there. I actually had to go back because I missed a quest that rewarded me with a follower. It was in the first town in the quest chain once you leave your garrison. I’d left my garrison and went to the next zone, not town. So I had to backtrack.

How did I get going so quickly? First, I beefed up my plate heirlooms to cap at 100 and geared the DK accordingly. Next, I knew I wanted to use the Potion of Accelerated Learning. The trick was getting one hundred garrison resources. My DK took a stroll around the scenic countryside and murdered several rare mobs, scrounged up a few treasures, and got enough resources to buy the potion. Twenty percent XP buff from the potion, about 45% from heirloom gear, 200% from rested XP, and I knew I’d put on levels.

Ready to rock, I had two choices – clip through quest chains, or engage in some bullet leveling.

My selection: Click-click-boom, baby. And Bellular gave me the ammunition.

Naturally Elvine gets credit too.

The good news is that I went from 93 to 100 in a few hours. The bad news is that I don’t have the garrison resources, or gold, to get my garrison to Level Three. Also, I’m looking to apply to a new guild and now that my Alliance DK is 100 I’m going to have to quest anyway to get his rep up.

Speed may not kill, but it can hurt your rep. And your wallet.

And your garrison.

Playing For Both Teams


I’d been mulling over the idea of taking an Alliance character through WoD. Why?

– I paid for the entire expansion. I therefore wanted to see the entire expansion. At least, the starting zones. I think I want to see a garrison that isn’t swamped in snow. I. Hate. The. Cold.

The "ugly" races get the "ugly" weather? Thanks Blizz!

The “ugly” races get the “ugly” weather? Thanks Blizz!

– There are some cool folks who play on the Alliance side, and at some point I may want to have a toon ready to rock and roll with them.

– I dropped a chunk of gold and upgraded a number of heirloom items to 100.

The problem was time. Specifically, that I was leaving home for two weeks and would not have access to WoW by any means other than mobile desktop on my phone. That was fine for my follower’s garrison missions, but not for anything else.

If I was going to be AFK for two weeks, I wanted this character to start amassing garrison supplies as well as potential gear from follower missions. He could also get XP, gold, and various other goodies that came from patch 6.1.

Also, being the master of time management, this decision came the night before I was about to leave. That meant between packing my tooth brush and phone charger, I had to squeeze in leveling a character to the point where he had a garrison and at least one follower.

There was only one practical solution: level up a Horde character, then faction swap him once I got back.

It made sense. I’d run the Horde starting zone five times already, so I knew how to do it quickly. I wouldn’t be distracted by anything new on the Alliance side. Plus, I had an Orc DK that I wasn’t planning on doing anything with anyhow. He had professions that could make him some gold once he went to the Blue and Gold.

Ninety minutes later, my DK was standing in his garrison sending two (soon to be three) followers off on missions. He didn’t have many resources, so I’m hoping resource reward missions will be coming soon for him. But for the next two weeks, I’ll have something extra to work on.

Monk vs Monk Leveling


My Human Monk, Merculees, has been put on hold at Level 35. He returned to Stormwind, put on his (soon to be) transmog gear, and shipped his heirlooms off to his Horde counterpart, an Orc Monk named Rokk.

That’s right, imma say it loud and proud: Finally The Rokk has come back to Azeroth.

Once upon a long time ago, I had a Death Knight (shocking, right?) named Rokk. But his people needed him or something, so he climbed in his rocket ship and rocket-server transferred. Consequently, he lost his name on both the server he left and the server he went to. Thanks to some generous GM intervention (Thanks Blizz!) I got the name back for my Orc Monk. When I first logged in on him I found a bunch of my macros were still live for the DK. Needless to say, changes were made.

Monk Rokk started off a little differently than his Human counterpart. I still wanted him to PVP, but unlike Merculees he wasn’t going to be starting off in a Call to Arms scenario (which meant no honor point or xp spike.) It was a much slower leveling grind, slogging through Battlegrounds. Which also meant he got his ticket punched much more often. But it also allowed for some great matches. Highs and lows for sure. I don’t know how some people can say one faction is more dominant than the other in BG’s. I’ve seen both sides do some stellar things, as well as some stupid things.

For yet another change of pace, Rokk quested in Eastern Kingdom rather than Kalimdor. I haven’t really leveled a Horde character on that side of the world, so as soon as he reached level 10, Rokk hopped a blimp and relocated. Again, it was a new and different grind. There were different questing storylines to experience. I was seeing zones that I hadn’t seen since before the Cataclysm, if at all.

Thanks to the Zygor Leveling Guide helping me along, Rokk thundered along to level 35 as well. Now I’m stumped. Do I continue to level my Orc Monk, or does the Human get called back up to the mound? Alliance, or Horde?


  • Human racial is great in PVP.
  • Gear looks better on Human.
  • The only Alliance character I’ve leveled was a Draenei Death Knight, so I haven’t played Alliance from 1-55 before.
  • Horde

  • Better support system (guild, my alts)
  • Green + Swoll = Win
  • Wears gear well, even better if WoD makes posture correction available.
  • Orc racial is great for damage.
  • So… who advances? Merculees or Rokk?

    Speed Leveling A Monk

    I’m having fun leveling Merculees, my Human Alliance Monk. The one hour, 50% xp buff, is just enough for my usual playtime. I’ll either quest for an hour, or mix in some PVP if I’m feeling particularly feisty. Between heirlooms, xp buffs, and rest time buffs, the leveling experience has not been too painful. So far.

    Then I came across this video, which opened the door to so many feel. The feels, people.

    There were mixed emotions. I’m already leveling quickly, so maybe I should look for some of these items to help speed things up. Pandas seem pretty cool. What’s the harm in trying to level a Pandaren monk. Maybe I could do it Hordeside. Wait, I already have an Orc monk at level ten Hordeside. What should I do? What… should I… do?

    I’m strongly considering starting a Horde monk, having him PVP as much as the Alliance monk, then having them race to at least 60. At 60, I could boost the winner to 90 and max out his professions as well.

    But where to start?

    Give Peace A Chance

    I... am... Merculees!

    I… am… Merculees!

    Monks. Peaceful, introspective, serene.


    Blessed with the power to destroy things with their bare hands.

    Destroy things, and people.

    Well hello, beautiful.

    I don’t know why, but for some reason I just could not get into playing the Monk class. I’d played Monks in D&D, AD&D, and was a fan of Ken and Ryu in Street Fighter. Serenity now, but violence forever. Probably not the best way to approach it, but that’s how I roll. Needless to say, I am down with what Monks bring to the table.

    A knuckle sandwich.

    A knuckle sandwich.

    There’s definitely plenty of appeal to playing a monk – new techniques, new mechanics, the ability to tank/dps/heal without too much gear swapping. After a quick search, I also found they even had more class-specific podcasts than Death Knights did. A strong multimedia representation tells alot about the leetness of a class.

    After my alt culling and accumulation of various heirloom items, I thought I would give the Monk a fair shake. I would use my two most effective leveling techniques – heirlooms and theZygor Leveling Guide – and take a Monk to Level 20. From what I’d read, that was where the Monk picked up some kind of class quest / daily quest that buffed them or something.

    Whatever. Twenty levels would be enough to see if it would be a class worth continuing with.

    I decided to go with a Human monk for two reasons. One, the Pandaren starting zone took too damn long to navigate between quests. The Human starting zone was compact, and the starter quests would be quick to knock out. Two, because my boy would be rocking The Rock’s look as Hercules (or as close as reasonably possible).

    Drawing muscles on armor is so Batman.  At least there's no nipples on it.

    Drawing muscles on armor is so Batman. At least there’s no nipples on it.

    And thus was born Merculees.

    Do you smell what the Merc is cooking?

    Do you smell what the Merc is cooking?

    From the picture, you might notice a couple of things. One, his shoulders are cloth heirloom, not leather. Second, dude is bare chested. Let me try and explain both points. The cloth heirloom is there because I needed an heirloom item a leather wearing class could use, and I didn’t have the leather shoulders. The number crunches out there will point out that the stats on a cloth item do not help a monk worth a damn, since the AC is piss poor and Int doesn’t do shInt for DPS monks. I will point out that I’m leveling to twenty, not raiding Garrosh’s panty drawer. The only stat I care about on the shoulders is the one that buffs my XP.

    As far as bare chested goes… dude’s got a wicked six pack. Why wouldn’t he want to show that off? And before you ask, no I don’t have the leather chest heirloom. I do have a cloth one, and I guess if I wanted to I could transmog it to look like something interesting instead of a robe. But like I said before, I’m only leveling to twenty. He could probably do that naked, and if I wasn’t in a hurry to reach twenty maybe he would.

    I’ve gone ten levels so far, and I admit I’m liking it more than I had in previous attempts. But we’ll see what happens in the next ten levels. Who knows, maybe the Main Monk will find himself a shirt.