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Best Way To Gear Up in Patch 6.2


Patch 6.2 - Y U SO BUSY

Patch 6.2 – Y U SO BUSY


Okay Internet, let’s get one thing straight. I will get Draenor flying. Don’t you worry your pretty little head over it. I just won’t get it in the next few weeks.

And I blame Kephas for that (@TheKephas).

No, not for reelz. Not entirely for reelz.

It all started when I was doing the Tanaan Jungle rep grind dance. I was working the quests, picking up Apexis crystal rewards on a character who really didn’t need the gear. “What a waste,” I thought to myself. “At least I’m getting the rep for flying.”

Meanwhile, as I and many others like to do, I had Youtube videos going in the background while I played. TheKephas videos are some of my favorite ones to play in the background because a) his videos are informative, b) he keeps it simple, and being a simple beast myself I can appreciate that, and c) his videos always feel conversational rather than instructional.

As fate would have it, I happened to be playing his video “Gearing up for Hellfire Citadel” in the background. It’s a great video, and despite the length I highly recommend that you both watch and listen to it. He discusses the best way for gearing up in patch 6.2, so naturally it’s worth checking out.

That video slammed the emergency brakes on my flying progression. Yeah, it was that good. Well, for me anyway. Like I said, I’m a simple beast.

The video in question, or Exhibit A (for Apexis – get it?):

It all seemed like a great way for a character to gear up. That got me thinking – did I have a character that I could gear up like this? At least to the 650ish iLevel?

For the giggles of it I started looking at my level 100 characters. That’s when I found him:

Hello there Disco Duck.

Hello there Disco Duck.

Oh he was terrible for all the right reasons.

  • He was a fresh Level 100 that I blitzed to level cap. When I say fresh I mean just that – he dinged 100 and was tossed to the curb. Case in point: He had a Level 3 Garrison with open plots, and maybe nine followers. I hadn’t even bothered to finish the ten minute quest line that would unlock the Salvage Yard.
  • His gear was putrid. He had a sub-600 iLevel, and still have gear on that was just barely above 500. He was still wearing heirloom items.
  • Alliance. Nuff said.

I decided that for a few days, I would work to get him into Tanaan Jungle and see about upgrading his gear. Of course, I could wake up tomorrow and decide that this is all stupid and a waste of time. But until then, I think I’ll see what I can do.

Nothing like setting the bar low.

Nothing like setting the bar low.

Look at that. I’m playing an undergeared Alliance Prot Warrior. Thanks Kephas!

Garrison Gold Nerfs in Patch 6.2


People were worried about how Patch 6.2 was going to affect the mountain of gold that garrisons generated. Now that the patch is live, here’s what we see so far:

  • Nerf to Blingtron missions.
  • Nerf to Big Crates of Salvage
  • Nerf to the number of high value missions across multiple toons… whatever that’s supposed to mean.

This will put a dent in things, but you’ll still be able to make a decent amount of gold with epic Treasure Hunters. I’m more upset that Master Plan isn’t working. It takes forever to go through characters to set up missions now!

Protip: Pressing the spacebar will help you skip the treasure opening animations.

Garrison Gold Making – Patch 6.2



Patch 6.2 will be rolled out tomorrow, and that’s going to crack open some new options as far as making gold goes. There’s Felblood that needs to be farmed from Tanaan Jungle. Profession daily mats are getting buffed. The WoW Garrisons website has a great guide that you should check out if you want to actively improve your gold-making garrison, with a dash of farming goodness on top of it.

Me, I prefer a more passive approach to garrison gold making. I’ve got six alts (possibly seven in the near future) that I have to run through to produce gold. I could make more if I really wanted to milk each one, but I just don’t have the time. I prefer to have my garrisons in a “set it and forget it” mode. Log in, collect the mission rewards, send more followers out, log off. Every couple of days I’ll go through and open/vendor the salvage crates. It’s that easy.

Question: Vendor the salvage greens? Why not put them up on the AH and get a slice of that sweet transmog pie?

Answer: Because I lose money every day it doesn’t sell. Sure it might go for ten times the vendor price eventually, but for me I prefer just taking the quick cash out and no loss. With zero effort to get, 5-50g for a simple click of a mouse is sufficient. I’m not greedy.

So for Patch 6.2, this is my set up for almost every character:

  •  Inn/Tavern at Level Three. Treasure Missions are what it’s all about.
  • Barracks at Level Three. It’s simple math: More followers means more missions, which means more rewards. Since rewards = gold, the math speaks for itself.
  • Salvage Yard at Level Three. Salvage crates hold the gold, whether you vendor your greens/blues/purples or put them on the AH.
  • War Mill at Level Two. Gotta gear up those followers!
  • Lumber Mill/Trading Post. Snag one of these if you happen to run low on resources. Trading Post is the quick and easier choice, but since I have a spot where I can pick up a couple hundred logs for the Lumber Mill in maybe fifteen minutes, I’ll use this as well.
  • Followers: Harrison Jones to level everybody up quickly, then load up on Treasure Hunters (10-12), Scavengers (5-6), and a “super group” for getting a better shot at success for the big raid mission rewards (group of three who receive a bonus to success when grouped with certain racial traits).

I do have one character with double gathering professions. If he is going to farm Felblood in Tanaan Jungle, I’ll make sure he has Stables at Level Three so that he gets the mount speed, can’t be dismounted and stunned, and can mine/herb while remaining on the mount. This could be made even more interesting once he gets flying, assuming he’s still doing this by the time Draenor flight is unlocked.

Weekly Update – Back to Questing

The blog may be undergoing changes in the next few weeks. Don’t worry Herc, you’ll always have a job ’round these parts.


Counting Coins

The money train seemed to pick up steam this week. I’d like to tell you that it was all due to some smart investments or profitable real estate. But it actually had more to do with leaving the profitable real estate (ie The Garrison). Rokk was nominated to be the team flight monkey, so it was up to him to fill the necessary prerequisites needed for the meta. That meant he would be heading back through most of the Draenor zones (except Frostfire Ridge) to finish off quest lines (and unlocking the applicable Loremaster achievements). He’d also explore what needed exploring for the Exploration achievement. Between cash quest rewards, gear drops, and treasures that he stumbled across (thanks to Handynotes), Rokk brought an extra couple thousand gold to the table all by himself. He still has more quests to do (Spires of Arak and only 12% into the quests of Nagrand), but between what he made this week and what the gold factories churned out, this week’s grand total was 38,344g. That’s potentially two months of free game time in two weeks.

I love garrisons, almost as much I love watching gold pour into the bank. I don’t know what Blizzard plans on nerfing in Patch 6.2, but I hope they don’t touch garrisons very much. Leave my gold garrisons alone!



Like I said, Rokk was tapped this week and started the flight grind. He upgraded the Trading Post to Level Three for the 20% rep bonus. A couple other characters upgraded their Barracks to Level Three for the follower cap increase to 25. Spend money to make money.

Let’s see how I did with last week’s list:

  • Continue working on Harrison Jones missions. (Only need 2-3 more per character.)
  • Decide on a character who will work on getting the meta achievement for flight and start questing and exploring and so on. (Rokk got the nod.)
  • Run more Heroics and get close to LFR raiding. (No time for such shenanigans.)
  • Playing on the Isle of Giants for the mount or pet. (No time for even these shenanigans.)
  • Work on Transmogs. (See above.)
  • Kill elites for gear upgrades. (Nope.)

My focus on the upcoming week:

  •  Finish up some quests and exploration, start on Apexis mission.
  • Start the Tanaan Jungle reps.
  • Harrison Jones missions.
  • Ride out the Patch 6.2 gong show, let the bugs fall where they may.
  • Set the Hearthstone for a couple of characters, putting them in the Laughing Skull village in north Gorgrond (excellent for Lumber Mill).

Nothing overly ambitious going on due to my work schedule. Also, the new patch on Tuesday will probably raise a whole host of issues. There are rumors regarding the patch what may or may not be buffed/nerfed. So it might be a good week to take a “wait and see” approach. Besides, Harrison Jones missions will need to get hit and hit hard (assuming the right ones pop up). This guy has followers to level!


Lessons Learned

What did I learn this week?

  • Going back to finish old quests can be a pretty good way to make gold.
  • Harrison Jones is elusive, but he can’t run forever.
  • Locking flight away behind a meta achievement is a great way to do it, and I hope they use this model for flight in future expansions.

Patch 6.2 will make next week very interesting. I have a feeling there may be some new objectives on my list around this time next week.

Patch 6.2 – Fury of Hellfire

The Fury of Hellfire comes June 23rd. Patch 6.2, with its shipyards and flying and possible *gulp* nerf to garrison missions?

Excuse me while I cry in my giant pile of gold.