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Speed Leveling A Monk

I’m having fun leveling Merculees, my Human Alliance Monk. The one hour, 50% xp buff, is just enough for my usual playtime. I’ll either quest for an hour, or mix in some PVP if I’m feeling particularly feisty. Between heirlooms, xp buffs, and rest time buffs, the leveling experience has not been too painful. So far.

Then I came across this video, which opened the door to so many feel. The feels, people.

There were mixed emotions. I’m already leveling quickly, so maybe I should look for some of these items to help speed things up. Pandas seem pretty cool. What’s the harm in trying to level a Pandaren monk. Maybe I could do it Hordeside. Wait, I already have an Orc monk at level ten Hordeside. What should I do? What… should I… do?

I’m strongly considering starting a Horde monk, having him PVP as much as the Alliance monk, then having them race to at least 60. At 60, I could boost the winner to 90 and max out his professions as well.

But where to start?

Bottoms Up

Some people just don’t take an ass-kicking very well. Especially from a cute panda bear… IN A HAT!