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Alpha To Omega – Prelude


Starting from scratch. Naked is scratch, right?

I blame Gimli.

No, I’m not talking about the bastard brother of some hobbit. Gimli is a very Icelandic down in Manitoba (that be in Canada for all you non-Canuckleheads).

I happened to find myself driving through Gimli one day, and as I was leaving down I saw a big ol’ sign on the side of the road. It said “Odin Green”. A good name for property in a Viking town.

“Sounds like a football player’s name,” I thought to myself. Next thing I knew, I was saying the name Leeroy Jenkins-style.  “OOOOODIN… GREEEEEN!”

As I drove home, the name stuck in my head. That’d be a good name for a WoW character. Probably a Warrior, given the Viking-esque image I had in my head everytime I said OOOOODIN… GREEEEEN. But another toon? Another warrior?

I let the idea slide.

Then the whole raiding thing happened and I was hit with another idea. Since raiding was something new for me, why not go all new with it?

I’m a casual player, but I’m not a terrible player. I do my research and find things and ways to not suck. I’m not min-maxing, but I’d rather be a functional part of a group rather than the anchor. I’ve got tools to keep me in the fight.

Why not put that to the test?

So that’s when the idea came to me – take a brand new character, a class I’d never played before, and go from killing rats at Level One to killing Archimode at Level One Hundred.

It felt like it worked on a few levels. It got me out of Draenor for awhile. It had me playing a character I didn’t have multiples of. New style, new format, new everything.

I’d only played a cloth class once. I took a warlock to level 30 and ended up deleting him. But I’d never played a Mage before. I heard they weren’t that tough to roll with, so I decided I’d go for it. I’d take a Human Mage from the starting zone of Stormwind to the end raid on Draenor.

Naming him was easier than deciding on what class to choose.

Give Peace A Chance

I... am... Merculees!

I… am… Merculees!

Monks. Peaceful, introspective, serene.


Blessed with the power to destroy things with their bare hands.

Destroy things, and people.

Well hello, beautiful.

I don’t know why, but for some reason I just could not get into playing the Monk class. I’d played Monks in D&D, AD&D, and was a fan of Ken and Ryu in Street Fighter. Serenity now, but violence forever. Probably not the best way to approach it, but that’s how I roll. Needless to say, I am down with what Monks bring to the table.

A knuckle sandwich.

A knuckle sandwich.

There’s definitely plenty of appeal to playing a monk – new techniques, new mechanics, the ability to tank/dps/heal without too much gear swapping. After a quick search, I also found they even had more class-specific podcasts than Death Knights did. A strong multimedia representation tells alot about the leetness of a class.

After my alt culling and accumulation of various heirloom items, I thought I would give the Monk a fair shake. I would use my two most effective leveling techniques – heirlooms and theZygor Leveling Guide – and take a Monk to Level 20. From what I’d read, that was where the Monk picked up some kind of class quest / daily quest that buffed them or something.

Whatever. Twenty levels would be enough to see if it would be a class worth continuing with.

I decided to go with a Human monk for two reasons. One, the Pandaren starting zone took too damn long to navigate between quests. The Human starting zone was compact, and the starter quests would be quick to knock out. Two, because my boy would be rocking The Rock’s look as Hercules (or as close as reasonably possible).

Drawing muscles on armor is so Batman.  At least there's no nipples on it.

Drawing muscles on armor is so Batman. At least there’s no nipples on it.

And thus was born Merculees.

Do you smell what the Merc is cooking?

Do you smell what the Merc is cooking?

From the picture, you might notice a couple of things. One, his shoulders are cloth heirloom, not leather. Second, dude is bare chested. Let me try and explain both points. The cloth heirloom is there because I needed an heirloom item a leather wearing class could use, and I didn’t have the leather shoulders. The number crunches out there will point out that the stats on a cloth item do not help a monk worth a damn, since the AC is piss poor and Int doesn’t do shInt for DPS monks. I will point out that I’m leveling to twenty, not raiding Garrosh’s panty drawer. The only stat I care about on the shoulders is the one that buffs my XP.

As far as bare chested goes… dude’s got a wicked six pack. Why wouldn’t he want to show that off? And before you ask, no I don’t have the leather chest heirloom. I do have a cloth one, and I guess if I wanted to I could transmog it to look like something interesting instead of a robe. But like I said before, I’m only leveling to twenty. He could probably do that naked, and if I wasn’t in a hurry to reach twenty maybe he would.

I’ve gone ten levels so far, and I admit I’m liking it more than I had in previous attempts. But we’ll see what happens in the next ten levels. Who knows, maybe the Main Monk will find himself a shirt.

Bottoms Up

Some people just don’t take an ass-kicking very well. Especially from a cute panda bear… IN A HAT!