Gold, GM, and Gym Stuff




Been one of those weeks.


Dumping site today. That’s what this is, because I’ve got some free time and about a dozen things I need to get done. But I want to post something because I don’t want to let this blog slip. So yeah, I’m posting.

Useful? See picture above. I had a long weekend. So, things!

  • In World of Warcraft news, I made about 90 grand in gold with my Horde garrison order hall. Alliance-side, I sold a few Hexweave bags but made about ten thousand gold with three halls running. Both of them ended up netting me enough gold on each server that I managed to buy two tokens. One went to pay for a month of gameplay, and the other got banked so I could transfer an alt to the new Horde gold machine. He’s slowly getting set up.
    • Briefly, setting up an Order Hall – for me at least, consists of getting six champions, unlocking slots to add the buff tokens on each, then getting their iLevel to 890. At that point, I will run the Meatball questline for the BEST ORDER HALL CHAMPION. Once I have him, I’ll either unlock the seventh slot or I’ll check the flowcharts and deactive the champion that’s performing the worst.
  • Blizzcon just over two weeks away. I need to print out my ticket stuff, flight info, confirm my AirBnB closet that I’m staying in, and keep the Vitamin C rolling to stay healthy. I’ll be living off of protein bars, clean underwear, and cleaning products. Packing light is what I’m saying here.
  • Tomorrow night I’ll be GM’ing my second Pathfinder Society scenario. The first one was a decent 6/10, but with the players a little more comfortable with their characters and me repeatedly running the scenario in my head to prepare, I’m hoping to put up some stronger numbers. I may even get some character scalps – it’s poor form to kill new players in their first RPG session ever. That’s out of the way, so all bets are off.
  • I want to get my short story published before Blizzcon. Yeah, I’m working on a short story. I’m overthinking it, and I know I just need to get it all down and out into the world. But there were parts of it that I wasn’t happy with. Maybe it was the sleep deprivation, but a couple ideas hit me when I woke up this morning. I made notes. Now I need to make it all happen.
  • I have to get my gym routine sorted. Currently I’m doing the “hit the cardio to try and look pretty for when I meet my fellow nerdlings at Blizzcon”, but I need to get back to doing what I was doing at my old gym. I moved to a closer gym because the commute to the old place was eating up precious hours in the day. But the new place doesn’t have the gear that the old one did. So I find myself nitpicking when I just need to give my head a shake, find something heavy, and lift it repeatedly. And by “something heavy”, I mean something other than my lead ass.

See? Busy nerd here. No life-altering updates here, but I thought I’d touch base.

Consider this base touched.

Rokk out.


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