Virtual Reality – Finding Fun

Have you ever had someone come up to you – friend, family member, glue sniffer – and ask you to try something that you’d rather not do, only to have them tack on the phrase: “Come on, it’ll be fun.”

There are people who find masturbating with sandpaper, fun. Luckily this fun will prevent them from effectively reproducing. But I digress.

Over this past week, I volunteered with a group of people to help out at a nearby blues music festival. The good thing about working a festival with primarily blues and folk music is that it’s a style of music that generally does not draw that segment of society that brings chaos and destruction with it. Socially, you don’t get the power drinkers, primarily younger people in their 20’s and early 30’s, who go out simply to get blasted out of their face-holes and go wild. I spoke with one of the security gents who told me he happened to work a festival like that recently, and he said there were many people there whooping it up that had no idea what band was playing. They were just “having fun.”

Yes. Pay fifty to eighty dollars to park your truck in a field, set up a tent, and drink until you black out or vomit. For a great number of people out there, this is not only a Good Idea, it’s Fun.

At the festival I was working at, some of the volunteers blew off some steam when everything was over and had a party of their own. They listened to music, had a few drinks, and a few laughs. Some, by intent, went well overboard and got right looped. I’m talking staggering, falling over, trashed. The next afternoon when they woke up, they couldn’t remember fulfilling their mission to destroy as many brain cells as they could. They didn’t remember “enjoying themselves”. All in the name of Fun.

I’m not ragging on alcohol here. It just happens to be foremost in my thoughts because my clothes and feet reeked of the stuff when the festival was over. I was a foul bouquet of brew, and none of it was mine. I’m just making a point here, and the point is this – not everyone enjoys the same thing. We all have individual tastes. So why is it that in World of Warcraft, groups of players like to rag on what other people call “Fun”? Casual Players attack Raiders for being elitists. Raiders attack Casuals for being entitled crybabies. PVPers attack everyone because they’re not at l33t as them. Everyone attacks RPers because LIGHTNING BOLT and hawt cyber in Goldshire.

Pull your collective heads out of your asses people. As long as nobody’s game interferes with anyone else’s game, let it go.

Blizzard is throwing a music festival of their own, and they call it WoW. With Mists of Pandaria coming out in just over a month, Blizz has added another headliner to the concert line-up. So pay your entrance fee, and for that you have access to all sorts of things – the concert t-shirt vendors, the beer tent, and the music. Enjoy all of it, or just some of it. Your choice. Just don’t forget that whatever you do, have fun.

Rock on.

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