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Zombie Nation

Well I survived.

Last weekend marked the arrival of the Zombie Invasion, a little bit of the Warcraft 3 backstory which leads to the arrival of the Lich King. Now I haven’t played Warcaft 3, so I’m going by what I’ve been told. No one knew this Invasion was coming, and people didn’t know how to deal with it. Some embraced being turned into Zombies and spreading the infection. Some wanted to cancel their subscription out of frustration in not being able to play the way they wanted to.

I say, suck it up Princess.

Sure this affected me. The Ruk landed at a few out of the way outposts, only to have his fall broken by zombies. What did I do? I died, rezzed, and finished my quests. One of the perks of not being in the 70 crowd is that I still have plenty to do, and most of it happens in the middle of nowhere.

I can’t believe so many people on my server got bent out of shape over this. I mean, it’s a ROLEPLAY server! You want to boo hoo because the mean old Zombies won’t let you hang out in Orgrimmar? Go play on a PVE Non-RP server kthx. I did like the way that many bands of players started grouping together to wipe out the Zombies. It was like Social Darwinism – some accepted the situation and dealt with it, and others sucked their thumbs, stomped their feet, and pouted until things were fixed!

In the end, the plague was “cured” and things went back to the way they were. Since the expansion isn’t here yet, it isn’t out of the question that we might have to ride out another one of these World Events.

Some will complain.

Some will deal with it.

The Ruk will simply continue onward. Nothing out there a high-powered slug to the face won’t fix.