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MoP Leveling to 90 Like the Pros

Old school leveling for an old school hunter.

Old school leveling for an old school hunter.

Since my damn OCD kicked in, I’ve been trying to level my Orc hunter to 90. He had been sitting at 87 for well over a year, and I just couldn’t get myself to push onward. I used pet battles as a way to fool myself into leveling him by leveling battle pets at the same time. The pets would “ding”, distracting me from the fact that I was getting experience as well.

Eventually my brain caught on, and punished me for the deception by making me forget my name for an hour. I decided it was time to try a different approach.

I’d been using the Horde Speed Leveling Guide to get a couple of my characters from 90 to 100, with what I felt was a great deal of success. The guide was designed by players who were hoping to get server first to 100. Not so big on things like story or lore. Screw that.

I began to wonder what previous players did to get to realm first for other expansions. Say, expansions like MoP. Did they have a speed route to take? Nail down some repeatable quest or something that wouldn’t get them banned?

I did a bit of research and wasn’t thrilled with what I was finding. There seemed to be two methods used to hit 90 fast – Zygor leveling guides, and mob tagging. Mob tagging (attacking a high level mob and then having others burn it down quickly) wasn’t going to work for me, since I was going to be doing this solo.

I was already using Zygor guides, and had used it to get other characters to 90. It was good, effective, but there was so much travel and running around between kills. Plus, taking the same route over and over was wearing a muddy path in my soul. It got my Orc hunter to 87 before my tires started spinning in the muck and I abandoned him.

What I needed was some kind of “Option C”.

I never understood why people made a big deal about the person who ended up getting realm/server first. After a couple of months, nobody would even remember that person’s name. That bit of truth was biting me in the ass since I now wanted to know who that person was, and if they did anything different than the masses.

Turns out that person was a druid named Fs, and they had a plan.

I watched the video with a great deal of interest. Sure, grinding mobs wasn’t overly interesting. But quick kills with the potential of greens dropping, and little chance of getting killed? Granted, the information in the video was old. But was it still effective?

Again, the answer was yes.I picked up one level and greens which I vendored for gold. Easy kills, especially with the 100% buff, and very quick respawns. I never once had to stop attacking. This could be a nice place to level while queued for a dungeon. If you’re trying to level a character from the mid-80’s, and you’re looking for a little mindless grinding, let those who got there (World) first guide you.

One-Button Macro for MM Hunter


I don’t know when it happened exactly, but one day I decided that I wanted to level up one of my alts. But not even in a significant way. Like, maybe just a couple of levels. Just the tip of the leveling iceberg, but enough to unlock one of the garrison slots so I could set up a profession building and then just leave them there. They’d grind away on that one profession, run the occasional follower mission (for the four followers that somehow stumbled into the garrison and were pressed into service), and alt nature would take its course.

My Hunter got the nod. She’d already been hanging out in her garrison, because like a smart person I leveled my alt to the point where they had a garrison and then left them there. This meant she had resources, which meant she could buy XP potions.

Now it had been a long time since I’d done anything with a hunter. Yes, I got her into her garrison but I had no idea what I was doing. I recalled a few things from a long time ago, and fumbled through the storyline without getting her killed. But for a serious xp push I was going to have to be able to put a rotation together.

As luck (and laziness) would have it, TheKephas had posted this video a little while ago. I was all over it like stink on a fish.

What makes this macro even more impressive is that with the Glyph of Misdirection, I found that my hunter was casting it all the time. She NEVER got aggro! This meant she was free to knock back an XP potion and I’d see what I could do in the potion’s hour-long duration.

What I did was pick up just over one level. Naturally I was following the Horde 90-100 Fast Leveling guide that was posted on Elvine’s forum board.

I may level her a bit more in the future. But for now, she’s got her Inscription business set up and my other toons are sending her herbs from their garden. Maybe I’ll level her up to the point where she’ll get her own garden. Maybe she’ll gather a few more followers. Maybe she’ll upgrade her buildings. Maybe she’ll set up…

Maybe I’ve just talked myself into leveling this alt to 100. So much for just the tip.

That’s what she said!

Get it?

Tough crowd.

Tough crowd.