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The Name Game

Thanks to Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge, I have content! If only I would have done this back when the challenge first came out, like weeks ago. My bad!

The challenge was thus:

“How do you come up with character names?”

My answer is simple – I tend to let others come up with names.

No, I don’t have an army of monkies mashing away on typewriters to crank out names for my WoW toons. Not that that wouldn’t be cool because it would. It would also be filthy, what with the flinging of poop that monkeys tend to do when they’re not working in the typing pool.

My first few toons had the typical Warcraft names. Actually, they had typical Everquest names since I was trying to copy the characters I had over there. But after awhile, I got sick of rolling my face across the keyboard and calling it a name. I wanted to be clever. So I did what many do – I went to my favorite things outside the game and tried using those names.

I had three typical go-to’s when it came to finding names. It was either comic books, mixed martial arts, or fantasy novels. I quickly discovered that the fantasy novel thing was a dead end, because either all the good names were already being used, or they were outright disallowed.  Bummer.

Mixed martial arts was an interesting source for me. Here are a bunch of men and women, like Terminators, bent on distraction …. but in a sportsman-like way. Marketing is big with these particular athletes since they don’t really make the cash you would think a person should get for beating someone unconscious / twisting their limbs in unnatural directions. They have to be somewhat marketable for sponsorship and so on. Ergo, nicknames!

Naturally some of these names are going to be pretty creative. Some of them, like Nick “Fainting Goat” Thompson (now just “The Goat”), clearly comes from a mind that has taken one too many doses of blunt force trauma. But some of them, especially ones in another language, make for good WoW names. I had a goblin named Napao, which is Portuguese for “Big Nose”. Got that from a human wrecking machine from Brazil, Gabriel Gonzaga.



Not that I’m calling him a goblin. Not to his face, anyway. Not even to his picture.


But generally, my best source material has usually comic books. Of course, good luck getting any of those in-game. Like Fantasy Novel characters, they are already taken (most likely due to a creative use of obscure icons or an interesting spelling) or they’re just not allowed (because facing a Marvel lawyer is a RL boss that nobody wants to tank). I’ve gotten around this by combining those names with the Rokk- prefix, giving me Rokkthor for my Alliance main Death Knight, Rokkhulk (my Draenei Warrior), and so on.

I’ve tried to keep a theme going, but like most things in my brain, wires get crossed. There is a method to my madness, but more often than not there is more madness then method.

Of course, lately, there’s been Scaredevil. He seems to have grown into my Horde main. His name comes not from looking like a scary devil, but looking kinda like a purple version of Deadpool. And since that name was one of the names in the Deadpool movie that didn’t make the cut  (along with Mr. Neverdie), I was tickled that I got to use it. And how ironic, my two main characters are both named after superheroes. And they’re both a hero class. Funny how things work out sometimes.

There’s method to my madness after all.


Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge – Changing Mains



Call it dumb luck. Call it good fortune. Call it whatever you want, just do it quickly and then come back here because we have things to discuss. Important things.

Back? Ok.

Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge for this week involved changing mains. This is where the whole “fate” thing kicks in. Not only do I like a good blog challenge, but the topic caught me at a time where I was actually giving this an honest thought.

My main has been Death Knights for quite some time. Let’s call that time years. Blood DK’s are essentially unkillable, and Frost/Unholy DPS tend to be quite respectable in both PVE and PVP. My DK army has spread across several servers. If I was bored and wanted to try and make gold on a brand new server, which I have a tendency to do on a semi-odd-regular basis, I’d roll up a DK and start doing work. Hell, I even tried to get a Death Knight t-shirt made up (I needed to have a minimum of five reserved before they’d manufacture them, and I only had two. Both were mine.)

So when Demon Hunters came out, I wasn’t exactly chomping at the bit to give them a try. Just another Hero class, and a wannabe class at that. The hype annoyed me, and I wasn’t impressed with what I saw about them. They could glide? Double jump? Yawn. Still, I made one, got him out of the starter zone, then sat him on the bench while my cast of characters made the trudge to 110.

I wasn’t looking to add another character to my roster. Between professions, class quests, artifacts, and gearing, there was enough to keep me busy by focusing on only one or two characters. On top of that, I already had a bunch of characters I wanted to level. Hard cuts had to be made. I decided that most of the toons at 100, several of which were DK’s and former mains, were going to sit there for a long time. The last thing I needed was to add another log to the fire.

My Human DK, Rokkthor, was designated my new main. He was the first to reach 110, hit 850 iLevel, run a LFR raid, and dip his toe into Mythic content. He held up strong, putting up decent DPS numbers during his Mythic+ run and just being a solid character.

Meanwhile, my Night Elf Demon Hunter became my twink farmer. The DH was given twink privilege because he had good AOE damage, decent burst damage, and more importantly I found enough high iLevel leather gear to get him twinked. Since DH was the only leather-wearing character I had on the right server, at the right level, he became my gold maker. He was my farmer, with skinning and herbalism professions. and brother he was making me bank. The gliding that I had been so quick to poo-poo, helped me get around quicker. He’d glide from Highmoutain to Stormheim, dropping out of the sky to pick up herbs when he saw them. Another glide or two and he was killing packs of wolves for skins.

That’s when I decided to try an experiment. I had a level 100 Tauren DK on another server. I’d start a Demon Hunter there, and see just how much gold I could make. (Dude, you do this kind of thing all the time. DUDE! — Editor)

My boy Scaredevil was born.


The result of my experiment was that I could make about 20k gold a week. The unexpected side effect was that I was really starting to like the DH.

It was that damn gliding and dash ability that really winning me over. They just felt… fast. So fast. Even in combat he was a literal blur of violence. He wasn’t topping the charts, but he was holding his own.

I like being self-sufficient. The DH was good in that he could self-heal, tank, and had mobility I could only get on my DK using engineering toys like gliders and rocket boots. In fact, when I switched back to using my DK I got him killed by jumping off a cliff and tapping the space bar to deploy my wings.

“Wrong class, dumbass,” said the DK from the bottom of the crater his body dug into the dirt.

Soon I was leveling my Nelf DH, and grinding Honor & AP on my Belf DH. My Death Knight was tapping his foot, waiting to get his chance to get some attention.

This past Tuesday my Death Knight, my main, had a Legendary drop from a Warden’s loot box. My first Legendary. That was it – the crown would remain on his head, locking down his status as my Main.

Wednesday, Rokkthor was sitting in Dalaran while my DH ran his World Quests. He did the same thing on Thursday.

Hmph. Will this infatuation simply be a winter fling? Or will it blossom into… something more? Guess I’ll figure it out eventually.

Meanwhile my Monk sheds a single tear, and sighs.


Also, sweet Demon Hunter transmog.