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Leveling Alts in WoD


Garrisons and alts go together like a peanut butter and banana sandwich.

Master Rokk here, and I have a quick tip for those of you who aren’t quite sick to death with the mini-game of Sims that we like to call World of Garrisoncraft.

I’m sure most of us have at least a couple of level 90 characters. If not, welcome back to WoW because you must have left the game about a year into Mists of Pandaria. Damn that expansion was around forever. How did people kill time if they weren’t jacking up a small army of alt characters?

Anyway, grab any of your level 90 toons that you may want to level at some point and start them off on the Draenor storyline. Run them through it until you reach the point where they have their very own garrison and a follower (you can get a second follower by doing the Ashran storyline which takes all of five minutes, and a third follower as a reward during your first few follower missions). That should have taken maybe 90 minutes to two hours. At that point, you can leave your alt and start the process again on another 90, go back to your main, or get up and do some squats. Look, do what you want with your time. I won’t judge. Just remember to come back and check on your alt from time to time, taking about five minutes to send their few followers off on missions and collecting their garrison resource cache.

You may ask why go through all this effort when you could have just left them in Panda Land? Well…

1) Your alt will get rested XP just by hanging around the garrison. Once you’re ready to start leveling them up, they’ll have a nice bonus XP buffer.
2) The garrison resource cache fills up every day with over 100 garrison resources. That gives you enough to buy a 20% XP buff potion every day. Again, when it is time to level up you can grab several of these things to speed up the process.
3) Your alt may only have 2-3 followers, but over time their mission rewards will add up. We’re talking rewards like XP for the alt, a chunk of gold, garrison resources, and gear for both the alt and the followers.

And there you have it. Give your alt their own place to live instead of sponging off you and your main. Let them earn their own keep without the nuisance of actually playing them.

WoD Skinning Guide


If there’s one thing that the Internet has taught me, it’s that skin sells.

Master Rokk here. It has been a month since Warlords of Draenor has gone live, and I’ve been looking around to find a decent way to make gold. Sure, there’s gold rewards for some of the follower missions and questing produces some cold currency. But a reliable market has yet to present itself. Crafted items are not panning out very often, unless they’re the epic items that can only be produced every 5-20 days. Professions have been a bust so far, and that is not a reference to the picture at the top of this post.

Mats seem to be the way to bring in coin. Gathering professions are more or less in the toilet, due to the mining/herb garden provided by the garrisons. That, plus the no-flying and nodes in the wild being in all sorts of terrible locations, and the double gathering professions one of the DK’s I roll with are pretty much useless.

What isn’t useless is skinning. Kill an animal, skin an animal, reap the rewards of its flesh. It sounds terrible, but the cha-ching sound when it sells is much more pleasing to the ear. And it sells very well.

JadePyrus created a video that points out a decent farming location for skins.

I’m going to give this a try in the next couple of days. It’s always great to find a good place for skin, especially if there isn’t a two drink minimum.


Changing Mains for WoD

World of Warcraft is celebrating their ten year anniversary. So, like, congrats and stuff.

Over the past ten years, every class has gone through a serious makeover. Some classes didn’t even exist ten years ago! But with that evolution comes a change in playstyles for players. Some players will adapt to these changes. Others will abandon their class and look for something they’re more comfortable with.

Some folks are looking for something different. They’re tired of adding to hp’s and are looking for a class that will take that pesky health away. They’re bored with staring at the butt of a raid boss and would rather stand back and throw bolts (mystic or otherwise).

Blizzard has said that as far as the Warlords of Draenor beta is concerned, they are finished with the major class changes. How things are is how they will be. Some classes have changed, and some have not. That means there are people who might not like how things sit with their class.

I’m digging the Windwalker Monk, but I’ll reserve judgement on who will be the first to get to 100 until 6.0 and the class changes take effect. Once the revamped classes go live in October, I’ll probably make my decision then. Everything is up in the air.

Have you been paying attention to the changes for your main? Are you sticking to your guns, or are you looking to make a switch for WoD?

Changing Faces in WoD


With the updated character models in Warlords of Draenor, many people have asked if Blizzard would be willing to pony up and give players the chance to get a free character customization out of the deal. Blizzard replied by lighting a cigar with a hundred dollar bill and spelled out “uh, no” in smoke rings. What they meant was that it’s going to cost you about 32 gold at your local Barber shop. That’s right – WoD is now going to allow players to change their character’s faces in-game.

It’s not the Dance Studio, but screw that thing anyway. Facejobs for everyone! *Grabs stacks of greenbacks* *Makes it rain*

Death Knight Tier 17 Sets

MMO Champion released a video of the WoD Tier 17 models for the DK armor sets. Color me kooky, but I like the look of them. I’ll never possess any of these sets, but I like the look.