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One Round Skill Challenge

Skill challenges have been around since the 4th edition of Dungeons and Dragons. The characters must use innate skills and imagination, rather than relying on brute force alone, to succeed in a given encounter.

Pathfinder has a system for running skill challenges, usually involving grids and charts and limiting the options to one of two skills listed per challenge point.

The Dungeon Coach posted a video involving how he runs skill challenges in 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons. I’m already strongly considering using this for my campaigns in the future.

Check out the video and see how you might use such a mechanic in your gaming sessions!

How to run Large RPG Groups

I like my players.

I do. Honest. Probably because we’re all related.

But as much as I may love my family/players, they can sometimes be a sharp knife to the ol’ buttcramp. Reading that back, the prior sentence doesn’t seem to make a whole lot of sense but the caffeine has kicked in and I’m on a roll. Also, you get my meaning (not to mention a painfully awkward visual. You’re welcome).

My standard group is five people, six on the off-chance my cousin can free up his schedule and join us. Now five players is a good size for a group. Some might say it’s a touch large, with four players being the standard. Five players is just large enough for things to get a big bogged down during encounters, and when you want to get things moving it can drag sessions to a grinding halt.

But what to do? How does one handle larger number of players at the table? I know many Dungeon Masters who would kill for that kind of problem, but when you have something planning at the end of the dungeon and it takes several sessions to get there, momentum gets crushed into the dust.

Luckily, Professor DungeonMaster from Dungeon Craft created a video covering this very subject. In said video, he discusses tips on how to run groups of five or more players effectively.

Hells to the Yes, says I. And a polished red apple for the Professor!

(Editor’s Note: See, back in the day, students would show their appreciation for their teachers by presenting them with a piece of fruit, specifically an apple.)

By the Gods, I’m old. Look, just watch the video and give the Professor a Like, a Thumbs Up, or whatever Youtube has to show appreciation.

Do eet…

Deadpool Saves Lives For Real

It’s not often that a comic book hero can save lives in the really real world. But then, most comic book heroes aren’t Deadpool. Who knew that the Merc with the Mouth would have such good advice about balls?

Rokk Talk – Busy Weekend

The Main Monk was busy on Halloween weekend.

  • He got his Leatherworking up to 325, which was the goal. At 325 he could make the bind on pickup chest piece, Primalstorm Breastplate, for his new transmog set. It was the final piece that he needed to complete his look at Robin, the Boy Wonder.

    Holy Cornball, Batman!

    Holy Cornball, Batman!

    Needless to say, Rokk made this look his own.

    Rokk the Robin, Tweet Tweet Tweet!

    Rokk the Robin, Tweet Tweet Tweet!

  • Rokk faced off against the Cataclysm Pet Masters and defeated them. Goz Banefury was the most frustrating, and there are currently talks to build the Battle Pet army to cover contingencies such as needing an actual variety of pets to beat the Battle Pet Tamers.

  • With Blizzcon 2014 coming this week, and Warlords of Draenor coming next week, it’s going to be a very interesting time in the near future.

    Brawler’s Guild – Meet Splat

    Have you ever been doing something when, out of the blue, an opportunity falls in your lap? Did you think to yourself, “I can’t let this opportunity pass me by. I must – nay, I will drop what I am doing and give this a shot!”

    Sometimes it’s best just to wipe that opportunity off your lap and step on its neck.

    I’d been running scenarios, experimenting with a little macro I will discuss in the future. Well what was in my box of treasures after completing said scenario but a quest. It sent me to the Brawler’s Guild in Orgrimmar. I’d run through ranks of the Brawler’s Guild with an Alliance character back in the day, but Horde-side was all new to me. Instead of queueing for another fistful of easy coins and justice/valor points, I swung by Org and popped in on my favorite Fight Club.

    Lo and behold, the quest invited me to throw down with someone named Splat. I had no idea what this was, but I assumed it was simply a Brawler designed to lure people into getting involved with Brawler’s Guild. Get some recreational blood on your hands, and you’re hooked. That kind of thing.

    The best way to lure someone into trying something is to give them a soft target to rough up. Or so I thought. Apparently Splat was new to Brawler’s Guild, and I was the soft target.

    Since option “KillDeath” was off the table, I decided to go to Youtube and look for help. The advice I found there was good, but my execution needs work.

    Splat. Don’t let this killer glob of jam kill you like it killed me.