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Checking My To Do List

Things to Do.


Halloween. Trick or Treat. I don’t care about any of that, because right now the Trick is getting ready for Blizzcon. The Treat is making sure everything actually gets done.

  • Gather gold from my World of Warcraft Order Halls – DONE. It was a good haul with 120k gold Horde-side, and 62k for the Alliance.
  • Check documents – DONE. Passport is legit, and I’ve printed out my Blizzcon ticket bar code, airline info, and accommodations information.
  • Check flight – DONE. The itinerary changed, but that was for the return flight. I’ll get home around 1am Monday morning, and have to make an appearance at work that day. I plan on doing plenty of airport sleeping.
  • Confirm room – DONE. I checked my AirBnB on Google Map, and couldn’t find anywhere nearby to buy food. Looks like a weekend of carbs and protein bars.
  • Transport – DONE. I checked to see if it would be cheaper to Uber or Shuttle from the airport to the AirBnB. Looks like there’s only a couple bucks difference. I may walk from the house to the Convention Center. It’s only 2 miles. That’s a recreational stroll in Rokkville. Maybe not at night, but definitely a nice brisk stroll to stand in line Friday.
  • Pack – DONE. I’m seeing cloudy and drizzle for Blizzcon so I may only chop the sleeves off of a couple of my t-shirts. But I’ll pick things out closer to the day. Which I guess would be… tomorrow? Jeez.


Did I forget anything? Can you think of something I may have missed?

Happy Halloween, if you’re so inclined.

It Sucks To Be AFK

Even when they cry, DK's look badass.

Even when they cry, DK’s look badass.

Every few weeks I find myself having to leave home for a two week block due to work obligations. Half a month away from home, from family, and all familiar comforts therein. It sucks to be away from home, away from loved ones. And especially from my computer.

I know we’re living in the 21st century and most of the civilized world has embraced cellular technology. Towers everywhere, blessing the masses with 3G and 4G coverage. Sadly, there are pockets in this wireless blanket of coverage where you are lucky to have a single bar of service, and God forbid if you happen to move twenty feet to the right or left once you find that sweet spot of service.

This is where I spend my two weeks – in the deadzone pocket.

Since I can’t log into WoW by conventional means, I am forced to spend my two weeks on Twitter living vicariously through the posts of others. My work schedule has been a particularly cruel mistress, as I have been away during a few, well let’s call them pivotal moments in WoW.

I missed:

– Blizzcon (I had a ticket to the event that I ended up not using, and couldn’t even stream it due to the mighty One Bar of Service).
– The release of Warlords of Draenor (which might not have been a bad thing – DDOS attacks I’m looking at you).
– Patch 6.1 (my damn, so many in-game selfies WHY PEOPLE WHY).

It sucks to constantly be out of the loop like that. I miss being behind the progression of events. I miss not being able to level my characters, or not doing their daily profession cooldowns. Why, that’s throwing money away. That’s pissing gold away. Hey…

(Please don’t — Editor)

Fine. I will skip the golden shower reference.

(He doesn’t, and yet still does — Editor)

Back to the point, there are things in game that I miss. If it wasn’t for the fact that I bought a subscription to a mobile desktop service so I could do my garrison missions on my phone, I would slowly lose my mind. Don’t say it.

(Wouldn’t dream of it bubba — Editor)

And now, I pose the question to you dear reader – What do you miss about World of Warcraft when you are away from it for an extended period of time?

Healthy Hotel Breakfast Options

The sultry smile of a woman who enjoys a healthy meal.

Okay, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking “Dude, this is some kind of gaming blog. I’m here to read about Death Knights and stabbing shit.” Fair point. However, the “stabbing shit” you should really concern yourself with is that stabbing sensation in your chest when your clogged arteries kill you to Death… in the night. See what I did there? (Yes. And it was terrible — Editor.)

Many of us travel, and in about 140 days a slew of Blizzard gamers will be heading to Blizzcon. A large percentage of them are going to forget about little things like showering (Gamer Funk is real, people.) But there’s no reason to start your day off by filling your personal gas tank with garbage. Most hotels provide a continental breakfast buffet of some kind, and it wouldn’t hurt to take advantage of it. You’re going to be spending your day standing in line or sitting through panels. Might as well do it with something healthy in your system.


Because it can get quite unhealthy in the evenings.

In this article over at, Nutritionist Stephanie Middleberg discusses a few healthy alternatives for the hotel breakfast.

•plain yogurt (prefer it over flavored) with fresh fruit
•oatmeal packet (make with 2% milk or water) and handful of nuts or cinnamon if offered
•2 tbsp. peanut butter + fresh fruit (i.e. banana or apple) OR on toast
•2 hard boiled eggs + fruit
•omelet bar (2 eggs + veggies + cheese OR meat)
•scrambled eggs (1 scoop) plus fruit
•single serve cereal (cheerios or oat bran) with 2% milk. Skip the surgery options!

Your Mom was right – Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Don’t screw it up when you’re travelling!