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Blizzcon 2010 Tickets

Tickets went on sale tonight at 9pm Central.  After an evening at the gym, followed by a few errands, I’d burned up enough time to be within striking distance of Ticket Time.

8:35 – I sit down at the computer and navigate to the screen where I will be buying tickets.  I go through my account to make sure all my information is up to date.  I decide that I can’t stare at the computer for twenty-five minutes or I just may go mad.  Maybe a quick shower and shave would help pass the time.  At the very least, it’ll hose off the remaining gym grime.  Yuck.

8:51 – Having completed the face-shaving portion of my cleansing ritual, I poke my head out of the shower to make sure I have time to complete the head-shaving job.  With only nine minutes to go, and shaving cream running into my eyes (and you thought shampoo burned), I decide not to tempt Fate.  I hop out of the shower and wipe off the remaining foam.  My head looks like some kind of fraternity prank.

8:56 – I commence with the pressing of F5.

8:57 – F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5

8:58 – I suspect that somewhere on my keyboard is a magic button that will get me to the front of the queue.  I cannot afford these sorts of distractions, and the message on the screen mocks me that the tickets are “not yet available”.

8:59 – I press F5 OMG SNUCK IN *click*

(Currently in Queue)

Wait, I was going to get two tickets!  I only ordered one!  Damn my spastic clicking habit!

(Position: 8337 –  Estimated time: 1 hour)

Well it’s better than last year.  Maybe that half-second that I saved by not clicking on the drop-down menu will get me to Blizzcon!

9:03 – Position: 7696, 86% of stock left.  Plenty of tickets yet.  I feel strongly about my chances of getting a ticket.

9:08 – Position: 6918,  71% of stock left.  Strength wavering slightly.  I decide to go watch the hockey game to pass the time.  Wonderful idea lasts all of two minutes before I get up, grab a beer, and return to the computer.

9:17 – Position: 5442, 36% of stock left.  What the Hell?  Everybody must be buying the max number of tickets per click to go down that quickly.  My strenght fades, and I hope for a fluke to get in this time around.

9:19 –  Position: 5157, 30% of stock left.  The feeling of dread has set in, and my odds are not looking so good.   Three thousand people bought tickets so far, and that was 70% of the tickets available.  Basic math is telling me the odds are not in my favor.  Still, I wait for the inevitable.

9:25 – At Position: 4494 in queue when the axe comes down.  Tickets are now Sold Out.

9:27 – Blizzcon 2010 tickets are on sale on Ebay.  The prices range from $350 to $618 per ticket.  I want to force-feed my monitor to these people, and not through their mouthes.

Even worse, I will be AFK on Saturday.  Therefore it looks like Blizzcon 2010 will be Herc-free this year.

Fury Warrior Succumbs To Flood

Fast food makes you retain water.

Short post this weekend.  Herculano, World Explorer / Conqueror, will have to wait for another day.  I spent the weekend bailing water out of my basement, patching leaks in my sunroom, and wishing much hateful pain on Mother Nature.  Something involving nail guns, open sores, and fire ants.

Wednesday is the first batch of Blizzcon Tickets going on sale.  I’ll be all over that @ 7pm Central, and probably disappointed by 7:01 Central.  I’m going by myself, but I’m planning on trying to buy two tickets.  Contemplating what to do with the other ticket should I survive the queue – sell it to Alt’s guildmates, maybe set up a contest on the blog and offer it as a prize?  Who knew that Fury also meant insane!

Tomorrow after work, I may have some time to ride around and get some exploring done.  I’ve already completed Northrend, and I’d like to save Outland for the last “continent” to explore.  Any suggestions as far as where I should explore next?

Blizzcon 2010: Coming Soon?

It’s getting to be that time again.

Last year, people were questioning if there was going to be another Blizzcon so soon. After all, Blizzcon ’09 had just wrapped up and Cataclysm had been announced. The player base was in a tizzy as they left the convention with visions of New Barrens and Grunties dancing in their heads. Would Blizzard have another convention right on the heels of the announcement of WoW’s big expansion?

That question appeared to be answered in November when a Las Vegas hotel mistakenly posted that they would be hosting Blizzcon in July of ’10. The posting was quickly yanked, but it was enough to get people vibrating. It might have been a mistake, but at least it meant Blizzard had been toying with the idea of another convention.

Fast forward to February. Another posting, this time back in Blizzcon’s old stomping grounds of Anaheim. Word of a October 22 Blizzcon emerged, but much like the Las Vegas posting it was quickly taken down. However, the venue still shows that weekend as “open” when every other weekend around it is booked. Seems strange, unless they have something booked and just don’t want to tell folks about it.

That, and Jay Mohr tweeted that he was hosting Blizzcon – a tweet that was quickly removed.

I bring this up because it was around this time last year that Blizzcon was announced for 2009. As I said at the beginning of the post, it’s getting to be that time again. Will we get a Blizzcon announcement, an official one this time, within the next month or so?

So Close

I was at 320 or so when they ran out of stock.


Finally, The Rokk Has Come Back…

… to Blizzcon 09?

Color me surprised. I might be going to Blizzcon after all.

The soon-to-be Mrs Rokk, who doesn’t play WoW or any MMORPG, told me I should go. Why? Because I said it was something I’d like to do once in my life.

Yep, she’s a keeper.

Now there’s just the matter of getting a ticket on May 30th.