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World of Warcraft Cinematic – Safe Haven

Varok Saurfang realizes that if he is to secure a future for the Horde, he must reach out to the one who led it in the past.

The Battle for Azeroth, and the future of the Horde, continues…

Welcome back, Thrall. #ForTheHorde


Thrall Stole My Loot

Turns out Garrosh is a bit of a jerk. Who knew!

Turns out Garrosh is a bit of a jerk. Who knew!


It all started because I wanted to fly.

Flying in Draenor has been tucked away behind the Draenor Pathfinder meta achievement. Since I’d torn through the content so quickly, things like the Loremaster component had been left quite unfinished. So Deathrokk started questing through Nagrand to check that box on the meta achievement.

I’d heard about, and seen clips of, The Cutscene. I’d actually thought it happened in Spires of Arak. Lo and behold, there it was at the end of Nagrand.  We all know that Thrall kills Garrosh Hellscream, but what I didn’t know is what led up to it. Turns out, it’s part of the quest “And Justice for Thrall“. You run the quest, fight Garrosh, and then Thrall steps in to bat cleanup on Garry.

And he cleans up big time.

What’s that? You didn’t know any of this. Uh, okay… [SPOILERS]?


Something happened during that fight. Like I said, you start the encounter by throwing down with Garrosh. He cheats, you’re stunned, and then Thrall kill-steals. A dick move, but let’s be honest here – Thrall can be a bit of a dick. Double so for me because I was actually winning that fight. Garrosh was down to 50% when he stunned me. I was at maybe 98% health. Thrall stole my kill, and as you can see in the video Garrosh dropped Gorehowl.

I saw it in the video. And I wanted that axe.

Since I couldn’t pry it from Garrosh’s cold, dead, electrocuted hands I had to go with Plan B – back to Karazhan. Back to dealing with that pain in the ass chess game. All for a shot at Prince Malchezaar, who is keeping my axe warm for me. Well he didn’t drop Gorehowl this time, but since I’ve got everything else except for one Apexis daily that I need to wait for, I’ll take my time and wipe out Kara every chance I get until Gorehowl is mine.

Iron Horde World Event Blitz


Thralls Balls.

I’ve now run the Iron Vanguard “World Event” questline three times. I’ll probably be doing it twice more. Maybe I’ll take my time during the final run, but until that point I just want to tear through it. I’ve never been one to read the quests. Generally speaking, I just don’t care that much. My apathy must frustrate the questgivers after awhile.

* * *

Thrall: The Iron –

Okay, got it.

Where are you – Oh. You’re back. Good, I guess.

Yeah, I blew up tanks and killed some pale orcs. I dig their armor. Very Punisher-esque.


Why would you dig – nevermind. It is time to – wait! Now where are you going?

Something something executioners, blah blah battle plans.

No that isn’t –

Can’t talk! Running!

… does no one read quest text anymore? Oh look. You’re back. And so quickly.

I am. Here, this is for you. Battle plans, and some weapons or something.

Or something? Do you even know what you –

Yeah whatever. I planted flags in Nethergarde too.

But that isn’t even –

I’ll go deal with the Ogres now. Like, right now. As in I’m already done. Poisoned their food, killed a bunch that were standing around too.

How very heroic of you.

I know, right? Should I go talk to Vol’jin now?

Are you even going to talk and there he goes.

Orgrimmar portal surfing!

Greetings mon. You been busy I see.

I get paid by the quest, not by the hour. I’m here to knock this thing out faster than Damacio Page took out Brian Hall.

I don’ know ‘ow you did dat but –

Thanks for the Iron Ball pet-thing. Yoink!

* * *

Rinse and repeat.