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Legion Beta Prot Warrior Macro

We always hurt the ones we love.

Swifty (@SwiftyIRL) put together an awesome 1-shot macro for Prot Warriors and took it for a spin on the Legion beta. The result? Well, the man ended up having to put in a ticket to nerf his own class.

Sounds a little extreme?  It is. But so is doing TWO MILLION DAMAGE with a single push of a button!


Check out the carnage in the video below, and if you’re a Warrior on the beta give this macro a try. Enjoy the guilty pleasure of an “I WIN” button while you can.

WoD Treasure Finding Addon


Now that the queues are mostly dissipated, people are actually getting into the game and trying Warlords of Draenor with a vengeance. And believe me, this expansion has sooooo much to offer this time around.

One of the cool things are treasure chests spread all across Draenor. Mists of Pandaria had these as well I believe. The WoD treasure chests can give XP as well as things like gold, garrison resources, and even gear. Pretty sweet reward for essentially walking around and randomly tripping over these things. If you’re lucky, that is.

Well screw luck. Let technology be your guide!

Swifty posted a youtube video where he uses this addon during his Twitch stream. Not only do you get to see how the addon works, but he mentions a few other ways that it can be used.

If Blizzard Made Me An NPC

Because fantasy games need more Canadian content.

Because fantasy games need more Canadian content.

PVP is no joke. Most people know this, given the amount of folks who actively avoid getting involved with it if at all possible. I dabble in the digital violence now and then, but I prefer to watch those skilled at it while they do their thing. Two such individuals are PVP icons Bajheera and Swifty. As recognition for their contribution to the World of Warcraft community, Blizzard will be giving them their own NPCs in Warlords of Draenor – Jackson Bajheera and John Swifty.

It made me consider the question – if Blizzard turned my character into an NPC for Warlords of Draenor, what kind of NPC would they make him – not what I would make him. The NPC would reflect the character’s in-game activity. Auction House vendor? Pet Battle Trainer?

I had a couple of thoughts. Maybe he could be a quest hub NPC, but that role is already taken.

If you smell what we're cooking.

If you smell what we’re cooking.

There’s not really one thing I do in-game. I can’t pigeonhole my playstyle. I quest and PVP, I run dungeons and scenarios. I play the Auction House and pet battles. I do everything but raid, and that’s due to a mix of inexperience and having a computer that probably would drop a big poo as soon as the boss was pulled.

So my NPC would probably be a rare spawn mob. He’d walk alone, but he could show up anywhere. Silver dragon elite, and his drop table would be extensive and random. You’d loot “Rokk’s Box” and there could be anything in it – from gold (reflecting the AH and gold farming aspect) to dungeon/pvp gear (that would reflect the iLevel of the applicable unlocked dungeon given the level/zone he’s found in). He could also drop a rare battle pet which would be a miniature version of himself called Smackdown.

It’d definitely be a hoot to go one-on-one with the Main Monk in WoD. I think a therapist could clarify if that would make me suicidal or just “a little off.”

What kind of NPC do you think your character would be?