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Fist of the Little Dragon

I’ve really enjoyed playing my Monk. Rokk is almost level 60, and I’m struggling to decide whether I will boost him to 90 or play him through the content. The profession bump would be nice, as would being able to try out his end-game abilities before patch 6.0 comes along and changes everything. Patch 6.0 is supposed to drop a month before Blizzcon, which puts it around the October 13th date. I’ll be AFK for two weeks in September (or at least, unable to play WoW) so I’d have two weeks or so before 6.0 comes.

Whatever. I’m still enjoying myself. The martial arts aspect of it is a whole lot of fun. I’ve always dug the martial arts in games – from Dungeons and Dragons, to Street Fighter.

I’ve always had a special place in my heart for Martial Arts movies, too. The evolution of the martial arts superstar can be traced back from the Tony Jaa’s and Jet Li’s of the 2000’s, to Jean Claude Van Damme in the 90’s, and Ninjas in the 80’s. But one man started it all back in the 70’s, and his name was Bruce Lee.

The man was amazing.

Take many of the Monk’s abilities in World of Warcraft, and watch Bruce Lee pull them off in real life. Hell, he did things in real life that should be coded into WoW. People like making Chuck Norris jokes in Barrens chat. Notice how nobody ever makes Bruce Lee jokes?

That’s because Bruce Lee is no joke. The man should be WoW’s next Hero Class.

The Monk’s Level 100 talent should be “Look out, it’s Bruce Lee!” What would it do? It’s Bruce Lee. What do you think it would do?