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Unique Lightsabers

I know, I know. Have I gone mad with midichlorians? What’s with all the lightsaber stuff? I guess I’ve always been a fan. That’s why my WoW toons all have them. Not gonna lie, I wouldn’t hate it if Blizzard managed to creatively steal use for inspiration some of these designs.


Lightsaber Duel

It’s things like this that are the reason damn near every one of my World of Warcraft characters have been transmogged to have either glowing blades or a glowing staff.

Star Wars Transmog

Death Knight Jedi

Spellfire Longswords make great Lightsabers.


As you may have noticed in the past little while, I’ve been working on getting more of a Star Wars feel on some of my characters. Today, Bellular helped fuel my issues by releasing a video with some Star Wars inspired WoW Transmogs.

Check it out. Enjoy. Take notes. Start farming.


May The Force Transmog Be With You.

Star Wars – The Force Awakens Official Trailer

I’d better hate this movie or I may want to play this damn game again. Great.

I’d better hate this movie or I may want to play this damn game again. Great.


Yeah, I know. “But wait! This has nothing to do with WoW!”

Couple things. First, there’s plenty of crossover nerd appeal between WoW and Star Wars. And second, it’s the first new Star Wars movie since forever so shut your mouth and watch the damn video before I Force Choke you with my d(Easy there tiger – Editor).


Star Wars – The Force Awakens.

December 18th, 2015.


Star Wars is Looking Good

E3 had some info on the potential WoW-Banger. This guy had some more.

Seriously, WoW will be fine. But this might be something to look at, assuming it isn’t all flash and no meat. But I suspect that just might be the case.