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The Spectral Wolf

Perhaps you are one of the lucky one million players who have tried out the beta for the upcoming WoW expansion, Mists of Pandaria.  Or perhaps you have mastered the art of looking at words and comprehending their meaning well enough to know what the Hell is being said.  In any case, you might have clued in that Blizzard wants you to see all the new content at ground level, and flying on the new continent will not be allowed until level 90.

Calm down.  Take a deep breath.  We’re all in this together.  I know you’ve been farming flying mounts because they’re a) roughly three times faster than the fastest land mount, and b) you can fly everywhere else in the damn game.  That means that, for five long levels, you will be cruising around Pandaville on a land mount.  So you’d better make damn sure you can stand looking at the mount for five levels.

Enter the Spectral Wolf.

I have actually heard people try to compare the Spectral Wolf to the Celestial Steed for some reason, and the words stomped part of my brain to death.  Sure the sparkle pony was the hotness for all of ten minutes, and it could also double as a land mount in a pinch when it wasn’t busy flying around looking pretentious.  But I’m talking about a Spectral Wolf, not the bastard child of a Twilight vampire and a My Little Pony reject.  Spectral Wolves drag sparkle ponies out to the alley behind Pizza Hut and pimp them out for five bucks and pocket lint.

So much wrong with this picture.

To get your hands on these ghostfaced killers, you need two things.  First, you need to be Exalted with Hellscream’s Reach.  If you run the twelve Tol Barad and Baradin Hold dailies every day, it should take you roughly three weeks to hit Exalted reputation.  That’s twenty-one days of straight-up killing things – people, gators, demons, ghosts, and giants.

Spectral Wolf calls that “a nice start.”

By the time you hit Exalted, you’ll have easily met the second requirement to getting your Wolf – 165 Tol Barad Commendations.  You can use those extra tokens to buy yourself a Tabard (which has a clickable teleport to Tol Barad) or as a headstart in case you want to get the Tol Barad flying mount – Drake of the West Wind.

For now, don’t worry about other purchases.  If you have the rep and the tokens, get one of the best looking land mounts in the game and show that bad boy off.

Beats the Hell out of riding the Swift Springstrider.

Noblegarden Swift Springstrider

Being so close to completing the Meta Achievement “What A Long,  Strange Trip It’s Been“, completing the World of Warcraft Noblegarden World Event went without saying. I was kinda surprised at how quick I finished it. I started Sunday afternoon, and by Monday evening I was done. I would have been done on Sunday but I had to slap some bunny ears on elusive members of the Alliance.

It was now time for me to relax and get back to focusing on other business. I was working on Hellscream rep and tokens to get my spectral wolf mount, as well as leveling up a DK on another server. As far as Noblegarden was concerned, we were done with each other for another year.

That is, until I saw it.

What… what the Hell was that? Why was there an albino flamingo, an abomination of Nature itself, running past me?

And why the Hell was it carrying someone on its back?

The Swift Springstrider, a bird so ugly I didn’t know how someone could hold the reins and cover their eyes at the same time. Did it come with beer goggles? It looked like the kind of bird you took home from the bar on a drunken bet. One that you lost.

No. Hell no. There was no way I wanted that bird. I would rather ride a mound of kodo feces between my legs than that thing.

But, y’know, just out of curiosity I checked to see how I could get one.

Turns out there were two ways: As a rare drop from inside a Brightly Colored Egg, or by spending FIVE HUNDRED Noblegarden Chocolates at a holiday vendor.


Now I’m not going to tell you that I got the Swift Springstrider for myself. But if I did, here’s some tips that I (would have) used to help farm up the five hundred chocolates.

Macro: to get from Point A to Point B quicker, I (would have) used this macro:

/use Egg Basket
/use Brightly Colored Egg

This (would have) helped keep the haste buff up while opening the eggs and stacking the chocolates, or whatever was inside the egg.

Location:  When I was farming eggs for the Noblegarden achievements, I visited three locations: Razor Hill, Bloodhoof Village, and Falconwing Square. I managed to find a spot at each location that maximized the spawn points in a small area. Note: this is on a high pop server.

Tarou made this video which points things out much better than I could.

So there. If you’re are one of those who are so inclined to get one of these hideous birds and refuse to seek help for your obvious illness, good luck to you.

Son of a bitch.