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Pathway Through the Trove of the Thunder King

Let me just say this and I’ll move on – I’m not what you’d call antisocial.  Put me in a room full of people, and I’m not going to collapse in some dark corner and curl up in a fetal position.  I don’t need to be twelve shades of shitfaced to function either, a fact that I’m quite proud of.  But put me in a video game society and I just don’t want to deal with most people’s bullshit.  Makes for quite a bit of lone wolf play style.

This brings me to Blizzard’s latest home run – solo scenarios.  With a new barrage of dailies being offered up on the Isle of Thunder, Blizz decided to sweeten the deal by placing a Key to the Palace of Lei Shen on random mobs.  Came for the round of daily quests, stayed for the key party!

The Key opens the door to the Trove of the Thunder King, a timed instance with a mess of treasure chests in it.  Also a boss at the end, assuming you reach it before time runs out.



The trick in succeeding with this run is knowing what to do.  Displaying a certain finesse.   A strategy, if you will.  Don’t step here, step there alot, shoot that thing way over there somewhere in the face and head area.  Me, being a master of both finesse and strategy (only in opposite land) I took a gander at Youtube and found a good strategy video for getting as much sweet coin as you can stuff in your deep pockets.


Death Knight Solos Madness of Deathwing

Death Knights are awesome.  Have I mentioned that before?  Come up in conversation at all?

Mionee, a Death Knight from the server Auchindoun – EU, has interesting hobbies.  She enjoys tinkering, playing with gems, and soloing raid bosses.

“Big deal,” a random mouth breather might wheeze.  “Plenty of people solo raid bosses.”

Not end raid bosses from THE PREVIOUS EXPANSION, they don’t.

Death Knights.  Putting Boots to Asses since WotLK.

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