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Catching up on Alts with Patch 8.3 | World of Warcraft




Earlier this week, Blizzard announced that they would be introducing a 100% XP bonus in World of Warcraft. I hadn’t logged into the game for weeks and, honestly, still had little desire to do so. But being between RPG sessions, and being on COVID lockdown, I thought I’d give the game a try once again. Even if it was just to toss some Hexweave Bags onto the AH for easy gold.

First, Hexweave Bags have tanked. I make more money on the barns used to produce the furs to turn to cloth to MAKE the damn bags. So, fun.

Second, I had moved some alts around which gave me fewer 120 alts to run the 2000gp World Quests on. Maybe I would grudgingly take advantage of the XP boost to get at least one leveled up and geared to run World Quests.

Sure, the leveling part is… leveling. But is there a quick way to get reasonably geared once you reach 120? Kelani produced this great video which dives into that very question. So check it out won’t you?

Best Garrison Buildings for Alts

Behind every great main there’s an army of alts being horribly neglected and abused.

Master Rokk here. Blizzard was kind enough to make the leveling process much less painful this time around. They also gave us little to do outside of raiding once we reached 100, other than knock the dust off an alt and start that ten level beating all over again. Sometimes, like a form of Stockholm Syndrome, the leveling abuse makes us more sympathetic to our secondary character. Next thing we know, that alt who used to be just a profession mule is suddenly kind of fun to play. Too bad our main is geared better, or has more garrison resources, or is just not ready to become an alt.

A proper garrison for an alt could alleviate a great deal of that.

SignsOfKelani created a video that outlines what he claims is the best garrison setup for alts. While there may be no right or wrong answer as far as garrisons go, this comes up with quite a few that seem right. So maybe there is a right answer. Let’s not get too in-depth into this. It’s for an alt. If the toon was worth that much forethought, they’d be a main.

If you’re going to have an army of second stringers, they don’t have to be geared as second stringers. Keep them ready, build their hopes up, and maybe one day they will be the character called up to run a heroic dungeon. Or raid. Or just be really geared for farming transmog gear and cloth from old content. But, like, do it really well.