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Spending Money To Make Gold


Decisions, decisions.

While having five Horde garrisons generating gold is nice, having six – or more – would be even better. I’m not saying that I’m being greedy. I’m not saying that. Not out loud anyway.

To make this happen I have three options:

Option One – Level a new character on Earthen Ring from scratch.


It’s the cheapest option. Costs nothing but time.


As fast as the leveling process might be, even with heirlooms, it’s still going to be a few weeks (depending on my work schedule) before this character is garrison ready. Even at an average of three levels a day, it’ll be over a month before I can even start thinking about a Level Three garrison. Less time with a Death Knight of course, but I’ve already leveled quite a few of those.

Option Two – Level a 91 Horde character that I have on another server and transfer him over to ER.


Takes less time than leveling a new toon. Days rather than weeks.


The cost will be in both cash and time, though more of one and less of another. I’d have to pay for a server transfer. Then there’s the ramp up time in getting enough garrison resources for construction of buildings and garrisons, as well as building a roster of followers.

Option Three – Take a Level 100 Alliance toon on another server who is already running a gold garrison (Salvage 3, Inn 3, Max followers with a few Treasure Hunters) and faction/server transfer him.


Ready to make gold right out of the box. He’s doing it now on his own server, so by plugging him into my Horde gold machine he’ll be contributing immediately.


Expensive. Dollah dollah bills yo. We’re talking a server and faction change, which is almost as much as a boost to 90. That’s quite the chunk of change to spend on a garrison.

Now the gamer in me wants to go with the first option because a) it will give me something to do other than sit in a queue on my main, b) I’m not spending money on a character I’m not planning on investing any time in. I want the garrison that comes with a max level character, not the character himself.

The OCD in me wants to go with the second option because a) he’s already started leveling to 100, and I feel like I need to complete the process, b) it’s cheaper than going with option three but will take less time to start making gold than option one, and c) I have nine characters at level 100 and ten is a nice round number.

Then there’s the goblin in me. He wants to go with the third option because this character will only be used for making gold, nothing else. I only want to focus on one character so this toon will just be a menu-clicking minion, much like the other toons on the server. Option three lets me start doing this right away. I can plug him right into the equation immediately and start generating more gold. I’m essentially buying a gold garrison.

Real estate. That’s what this all boils down to. Amassing real estate that will generate revenue.

I feel like Donald Trump.

Donald Trump

Death Knight Realm Restriction Lifted


Before coming back to World of Warcraft, I had to come to terms with some hard realizations. One of which was that I was not going to have the playtime I had before I left WoW. My free time isn’t quite as free as it used to be these days. That meant I wasn’t going to have time to play around with a bunch of alts. I wasn’t going to be hopping between realms to play different factions, in different guilds. The focus would be on one or two characters, on one server. Time optimization was key here.

My first step was to decide which realm I was going to play on. Earthen Ring was the easiest choice, since I could rejoin the Alea Iacta Est guild and community. I also decided that I was going to have to change my playstyle and get involved with the guild a bit more than I had previously. Social interaction would have to keep me involved in the game, both in and out of WoW, if this was going to work. From what I’d been able to pick up from podcasts, there hadn’t been anything really new going on in Mists of Pandaria during the year I had been away. It was going to have to be more than the pixels that would keep me interested.

Step two was to decide which characters would be the focus of my love and affection. Since I first started playing WoW all those years ago, my interest had shifted from Hunter, to Warrior, to Death Knight. I was still down with the DKs, and given that when I left WoW my DK’s outnumbered Hunters, I decided that Death Knight would be my primary class.

Now, which DK character would get called up to the Big Leagues? I settled on an orc DK on Kul Tiras because, unlike the DK already on Earthen Ring, he was already level capped. He also had maxed out his primary professions, and many of his secondary professions. His gear was adequate, and his transmog set was pretty sweet. I guess when it came down to it, numbers and stats aside, I picked him because he looked cool. So superficial.


This brought up a new dilemma. Where was I going to transfer my non-90 DK? When I left WoW a year ago, only one Death Knight was allowed per server. This meant I was going to have to transfer one DK off Earthen Ring, then transfer another one ONTO Earthen Ring. Fifty bones! Just for a snappy dresser! Vanity can be so expensive!

Then it hit me. I knew there’d been a few changes since I’d left WoW. One DK per server had seemed pretty silly, and we’re talking about a class that was now two expansions old here. Maybe Blizzard had come to their senses and lifted the prohibition. A quick Google search later, and I found that they had, ironically about a week or so after I left the game.


So my new DK main was transferred to Earthen Ring. A name change later, some shuffling of the roster, and Herculano had found a new home, and I had found a new main.

Then I made another DK on the server, just because I could.