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Second Darkness – Episode 50


 Zariah by Eepox on DeviantArt

The winter has been rough on our Pathfinder group. The past few sessions have been limited to only one session a month. Thankfully everyone is still committed to getting together, to continuing the campaign and having fun.

In our last session, the Guardians of Golarion traveled deep into the temple of the mad god Tharzduun, found an unlikely ally in the drow Lady Charlindra Ah’norzza, and came face to face with a dragon shard that held a powerful aspect of the breaker of chains himself, Zalatas!

Here’s the summary of our Pathfinder Second Darkness campaign, Episode 50 – In the Temple of Madness!



Second Darkness | Episode 49 – Legends and Lies

tharizdun the chained god


In our latest Pathfinder session, the heroes proved once again that no matter what the DM plans, no plan survives contact with the players. What should have been a creepy temple crawl ended up shaving off an entire upcoming story arc due to casting the right spell, in the right place, at the right time. Kind of a bummer, plan-wise, but awesome for the overall narrative.

Here’s episode 49 of our Pathfinder Second Darkness campaign – Legends and Lies!

Second Darkness | Episode 47 – Faces of Death



In our most recent Pathfinder session, the party attended an auction filled with criminals and ran into an old frienemy(?). Some of the heroes walked away with some sweet magical gear. But one of the heroes left the auction with something much more valuable – the identity of the man who killed her father!

Check out the summary for our latest Pathfinder session of the Second Darkness campaign – Faces of Death!

Image by Paizo.

Second Darkness | Episode 46 – Research and Developments



In our latest Pathfinder session, the party learned the truth about some evil gods, spiritual enlightenment, and that the past doesn’t always stay in the past.

Here’s the summary of our Pathfinder Second Darkness campaign, episode 46 – Research and Developments!

Image by Kerem Beyit and Paizo.

Second Darkness | Episode 45 – A Friend in Need



In our most recent Pathfinder session, the party didn’t kill the messenger (but they did give her quite the questioning!) They offered aid to one ally, were forced to aid a second, and sadly lost a third.

Here’s the summary for Episode 45 – A Friend in Need!

Image by Blizzard Entertainment