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Bajheera Discusses Death Knights in Legion



So listen up Rokkstars, let’s all take a breath and not lose our minds for a second. What am I referring to, like, specifically this time? Well, Blizzard has recently outlined the proposed changes to various classes once Legion comes around. Now let’s remember that the beta has not even been launched yet, so some of these changes may not even happen. Let’s also remember that many people are outraged, or confused, because other people are outraged and confused and they themselves don’t know just how earth-shattering these changes might be.

I prefer to have a voice of reason explain these things. I like to hear from someone who not only is knowledgeable, but can speak to me in terms I can understand. Dumb it down for me. I don’t have a PhD in Min-Maxing or Theorycrafting.

Bajheera (@BajheeraWoW on the Twitter), he of PVP and Warcraft Hosting duties, knows a thing or two about Warriors. We all know this. What you may not know is that he’s also pretty well versed when it comes to playing a Death Knight. Witness now while he discusses the upcoming changes to the Death Knight class in Legion. Take it away, Baj!



I think I’m looking forward to playing my Death Knight Deathrokk in Legion. I suspect, should I improve my gaming rig, that I may also try to get onto a raiding team.  Why? Because Death Knight’s Tier 19 armor looks fifty shades of badass.




Is your main class going through updates? Are they good or bad for the class? Let me know in the comments below what class changes you’re looking forward to in Legion!

Dwayne Johnson on Depression



It seems only natural that I would post everything I can regarding The Rock. Especially on a blog named “Rokk Talk”. That’s neither here nor there. And this post has nothing to do with World of Warcraft, or gaming, or anything like that. It’s about Life, about something that maybe drives people to play video games. Or drives them to suicide.

Most people know Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. He’s the most Electrifying Man in Sports and Entertainment, after all. But even DJ has had to deal with depression. It’s tough for men, because they’re supposed to be the strong, tough ones. They’re supposed to be the ones who suck it up, lock it down, and move forward. It’s hard for them to seek help, or even to admit to something they may see as weakness.

Maybe you feel that way too. Maybe you see depression as some kind of failing, or weakness of some kind.

It’s not. You’re human. And believe it or not, you’re not alone.

Three Reasons Vin Diesel Should Host Blizzcon


I see by my calendar, my various guilds chat, and my @RokkTalk twitter feed that Blizzcon 2015 is just a few days away. I love going to Blizzcon, and I’ve been fortunate enough to attend two of them in the past. It’s a great experience where for two days you get to celebrate Blizzard gaming culture, put real faces to the virtual names you’ve spent so much time with online (and perhaps stalking), and get drunk repeatedly with other socially recluse gamer types. It’s like wrapping yourself in a warm nerd blanket for two days, and that’s quite a bit of all right if I do say so myself.

Now due to poor luck and a poorer wallet, I won’t be able to make it to Blizzcon this year.  However, I am definitely hopefully optimistic that I will be making my Blizzcon return next year at Blizzcon 2016 (assuming they have a ‘con next year, and that they have it around the same time of year as Blizzcon 2015).

It's practically right around the corner!

It’s practically right around the corner!

It’s probably a bit premature to start speculating as far as who might be hosting Blizzcon next year. Good social form suggests that at the very least, we wait for this year’s ‘con to happen before looking ahead to next year. Otherwise it comes across a little like calling dibs on your sick grandmother’s good china before she’s even passed away. It can come off as a little insensitive, is what I’m saying.

With the Warcraft movie being released next summer, there’s going to be plenty of focus on Blizzard Entertainment from the general, non-gaming world and their applicable media. The tangential hope on Blizzard’s part is that people will like the movie, then want to check out the game that the movie is based on.  Blizzcon could have quite a few more eyes on it than in previous years. Plus, depending on when they have it, they may have some big things to discuss – expansions, Overwatch, a Warcraft movie sequel.

So it would make sense for Blizzard to get a big name host for such an event. A name with some real star power behind it. A major celebrity, not just like a niche celebrity of geek culture. Outside of Felicia Day, there are only a handful of geek culture types who have both the celebrity stature and the ability not to melt down into a socially awkward pile of nerve goo while standing in front of twenty thousand screaming fans.

That’s why Blizzard needs to sign up Vin Diesel to host Blizzcon 2016.

No, I’m serious. Here’s three reasons that show just how serious.

#3. He Brings Mainstream Attention.

Thanks to the Fast & Furious franchise, Vin Diesel is a needle mover. He’s the kind of A-list celebrity that gets people’s attention no matter what he does. Unlike Kardashian types, he actually does it by working on multi-million dollar movies and earning fans, rather than, uh, whatever these Kardashian things do for attention.

Vin Diesel’s social media muscles are as impressive as his real ones (when he’s not in dad body mode). He’s got about 5 million Facebook followers, and over 12 million followers on Instagram. Compared to the social media numbers that Chris Hardwick and Wil Wheaton have, which are respectable to say the least, Vin Diesel puts up some beast numbers.

Now you take a mainstream celebrity like Vin, and you have him mention this Blizzcon thing once in a while. It’s going to reach more than just the “geek niche” ears. It’s reaching everybody. That kind of promotion is definitely something that I’m sure Blizzard would not shy away from, especially with their movie coming out in June. Blizzcon hype might not help promote the movie (unless Blizzcon hits around the same time the movie does), but the real movie money comes with the DVD sales. And if the movie launches in June, the DVD should be dropping around Blizzcon time. It couldn’t hurt to have Vin post a pic of himself holding a Special Edition Warcraft DVD to his 12 million Instagram followers.

#2. He Can Make Blizzcon Feel Badass.

One of the things that makes a good host is that they are relatable. More often than not, stereotypes exist for a reason. So when you look at guys like Wil Wheaton and Chris Hardwick, and you listen to them talk about their past, you get the feeling that “Oh they’re just like us.” They are geek culture personified, and they’re just the kind of people you expect would be hosting Blizzcon. They are a reflection of what you think  of when you think “this guy plays Blizzard Games.”

Dominic Toretto. Richard B. Riddick. Xander Cage. Hell, let’s throw Groot in there too just for good measure. Vin Diesel is known for playing badass characters. Plus, acting aside, the man is built like an Orc. Sounds like one too. Having him host Blizzcon would be like giving it a badass seal of approval. It would reflect not just the geeky aspect of Blizzard entertainment, but the badass side of it – especially with the addition of IP’s like  Overwatch, which are less fantasy and more “shoot people in the face”, run-and-gun style.

#1. He Has The Resume.

At first glance, Vin Diesel seems like the absolute last guy who should be hosting a video game convention. A muscle car convention, maybe. He’s an action movie star who has starred in multi-million (and damn near billion) dollar movies. He appears unrelatable to the typical WoW player. In fact, he looks like the kind of jock who would be giving swirlies to gamer geek types back in high school.

But that’s where you’re wrong. You see, Vin Diesel is one of us and has been for quite some time. Much like previous hosts Chris Hardwick and Wil Wheaton, Vin Diesel also has a foot in geek culture. He has discussed in the past, and not-so-distant past, his love of Dungeons and Dragons. Check out this video where he plays D&D with the Nerdist crew.

There’s something about watching a big dude like Vin get his flex on when he lands a critical hit. Something awesome.

Sure, so he can roll the dice. But what’s his gaming cred like? Well, the man just happens to have founded a video game development company, Tigon Studios, that makes video games based around his Riddick movie franchise or his D&D characters.

But what about WoW? Shouldn’t someone who hosts Blizzcon actually know something about the game? I’m sure Jay Mohr would disagree, and he hosted Blizzcon twice. But fear not. Unlike Jay “Did he or didn’t he?” Mohr, Vin Diesel has actually played World of Warcraft. And he did it with Paul Walker.

So yeah, I think he has the resume.

Perhaps you agree with me. Or perhaps you think I should increase my medication dosage. There’s no way I can know this. Let me know in the comments below if you think Vin Diesel might make a good Blizzcon host. If not Vin, then who?

#RokkTalk – WTF Are You Doing



Hello Internet! Here’s a taste of a FAQ that I recently put together. These aren’t necessarily questions that anyone has asked me. It’s more of what I would imagine people would ask me if they were curious.

Or cared.

Or read my blog at all.  To the FAQ’s!


What’s the deal with your blog?

The deal is this: I’m a casual player. By that I mean my hours are casual; unless I’ve got some days off I’m not even online. But when I log in I do my damndest to make the most of that time. Leveling, getting gear, making gold, these are things that are considered “my jam”. I will therefore take some time and find information to make me more productive.

World of Warcraft seems to swirl around raiding. There’s plenty of sites out there that will explain how a certain class should function in a raid, where to get the gear for raiding, and how to gem/enchant for raiding. There’s fewer sites that tell you how to make enough gold to pay for repairs. Or how to get a new character up to raiding level.

That’s bullshit. Not everyone plays the game solely to raid.

I’m not the only one looking for answers to these “casual” issues. So when I find something, I post it and let others know about it. If I help one person, mission accomplished.


You’re not even posting original content half the time. What gives you deadbeat?

What gives is shut your whore mouth. First, people who post content are most likely not the first person to come across the content they are discussing. So what I’m doing is rehashing rehashed content. I could make my own Youtube video about the topic, but why reinvent the wheel? Second, I don’t like to blindly post stuff without trying it first to see if it works. Your Mileage May Vary, and my mileage is valuable to me. “Farm this spot and make 6000g/hr” might work well on video, but that doesn’t mean it’ll work out in practice. There might be a gear disparity between Average Jane and Youtube Person. Class may make a difference. There are issues to be considered, so I’ll try at least to practice it before I preach it. Oh, and thirdly I’ll give credit where it’s due (if I can, and there’s credit to be had).


But you talk about raiding yourself! Aren’t you contradicting yourself?

My “Alpha to Omega” series is a casual approach to LFR (AKA “tourist mode raiding”). It’s nothing overly difficult, but there are many people who are intimidated by the process. I just want to show that raiding doesn’t have to be an elitist circle-jerk or anything like that. Pay attention, do your best, and don’t be afraid to shit the bed. Do that, and you’re golden.


I read your blog. You have a lot of alts.

I do. Not counting my Alpha to Omega Mage, the swole beast known as Odingreen, I have 13 characters at level 100 and OG’s on the way. Out of those 14 characters, I have three hunters, three warriors, one monk, six death knights, and one mage. Most of those characters are part of a garrison gold-making hydra, which means I log onto the for maybe a minute a day, five minutes on what I call “Salvage Days” (which is when I open all the boxes, crates, and sacks from running garrison missions and vendor whatever falls out). Only a couple of those characters get any kind of serious play, because like I said – I don’t play often.


So there you have it, some Q’s that could have been FA’ed of me. Thanks for taking the time, readers of internet stuffs. Oh, and if someone actually has questions they want to ask me, feel free to ask them in the comments below!


Alpha to Omega – Burning Crusade

Time to conquer another planet, says the Super Villian-looking dude.

Time to conquer another planet, says the Super Villain-looking dude.

It has been eighteen hours of /play-time, and Odingreen has dinged 61. I don’t know if that’s a good or bad number. It’s like almost four levels per hour, which while abysmal at lower levels, by the mid 50’s or so that seems like some good pacing.

I’ve used one Elixir of the Rapid Mind for that 300% xp buff. These are best used in dungeons, sometime around boss kills and the time you hand in the dungeon quests. It persists through death, but as long as you don’t have a completely idiotic group you should be fine and maybe even squeeze off a level or two during a single run.

How has the experience been, asked no one but I’m suggesting it as a valid question anyway?

There have been some definite pros and cons, which I will now discuss.


  • I’ve revisited many old zones, some I haven’t been to in ages. Usually not for very long, since questing with heirlooms makes things move along much quicker. But it was nice to see Westfall again, especially since so few of my characters are Alliance.
  • It’s been time away from Draenor, a planet I have spent 99% of my gametime in since the damn expansion started. Time away from garrisons, from Tanaan Jungle, from the entire endgame. It has been a reminder that there is more to World of Warcraft than a few zones.
  • Playing a completely new class that I’ve never played before has been a distraction. It’s put me in a different mindset – while I’ve played range DPS classes before (ie Hunters) there’s something about just sitting back and blasting away. Getting aggro as a glass cannon is a new sensation, as is getting one-shot from a boss that the tank decided to train on me just before he died. Dude! Do I look like a fucking priest to you?
If he had that captain hat, he'd look more like Baron Von Strucker or someone equally Hydra-esque. Hail Marvel!

If he had one of those captain hats, he’d look like Baron Von Strucker or someone equally Hydra-esque. Hail Marvel!

  • Odingreen looks straight-up pimpin’. Not like a pimp, of course, but he definitely puts off that muscular super-villain vibe. He’s wearing a uniform, has a spectacle covering one eye, and is blonde and muscular and powerful. He’s douchie in a way that is different, yet fun. He casts judgement over no one, and not just because he’s a mage rather than a paladin (Ah, spell-casting humor. Is there anything more nerdy? Because if so, I’m not aware of it.)


  • Maybe crushing 90-100 has spoiled me, but the level grinding is starting to wear on me. The goal is to get him to 100, and he’s already halfway there. With a few more hours of playtime he’ll probably be able to jump into Northrend. I don’t know how I’ll handle that, and I’m already dreading leveling through Pandaria. When it was current content, MoP questing gave me stress anxiety headaches.  What increases the potential stress is…
  • I don’t know how I feel about the Mage class. By level 61, I can honestly say that I’ve given it a good go. I’ve quested, grouped, leveled both in Frost and Arcane spec. There’s not a whole lot to it, and while I know I’m not playing it to the absolute max I’m not at the bottom of the recount charts. I’m in the middle, but that’ll happen when you’re not using weapons to buff your damage.
  • I’m also used to more of a steady stream of damage coming out, rather than having to wait for a spell to cast, then another, with nothing in between unless he procs something. Groups have cleared entire dungeon trash packs while I wait for a single spell to refresh. I’ll get one cast before they move on. Luckily, the fact that I’m a good 100-200 dps behind the next character hasn’t gotten me kicked out of groups yet. I hear Shadow Priests have more insta-cast spells at their disposal.


  • The mage is currently at the same level (give or take a level or two) of a pandaren warrior, a human monk, and a worgen hunter that I had leveled, then abandoned. Do I want to continue taking the Mage to the end game? Or do I want to take a left or right at this crossroad and advance another character? One I’m both familiar and comfortable with?
  • The leveling thing. Now regardless of who I move forward with, I have taken each of the three from level one to their current level. So there’s no invalidating the spirit of the A2O mission. But do I sock away a few bucks and boost this character? Or do I grind through the next thirty levels?

Much to consider. Until then, keep flexing!

#FlexFriday #BigPoppaPump

#FlexFriday #BigPoppaPump