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Profession Headaches

There were two specific perks to boosting Rokk, my Windwaker Monk, to 90. One was to fast-track through the leveling process so he’d be ready to go for Warlords of Draenor. The other was to max out his professions. At the time, Rokk had Skinning. But he dropped that and picked up Tailoring and Engineering once he’d cleared the level 60 profession hump. Both professions provided combat perks, and the Tailoring was nice for farming extra cloth mats (as well as making bags).

That's one jacked seamstress.

That’s one jacked seamstress.

Patch 6.0 kicked all that in the manbasket. There were no more combat perks to be gained through professions. Sweet bags aside, were my selection of professions providing any real benefit? I had other characters with Engineering, and gathering extra cloth wasn’t really that much of a reason to keep Tailoring.

In various profession interviews I’d listened to, it was suggested that in WoD it would be helpful to have a crafting profession that would let you craft your own gear. Between that, and that fact that the transmog set for Rokk involved a chest piece that was a bind on pickup item from Leatherworking, I decided to make the switch. I dropped both Engineering and Tailoring, and picked up Leatherworking and Skinning.

Leveling the new professions hasn’t been that bad. Rokk is farming his own mats, but even if he wasn’t he could still level his Skinning right there in Pandaria, since a recent patch allowed characters to level their gathering professions in MoP right from skill level 1. You’d simply pick up fragments and scraps rather than whole items.

Leatherworking hasn’t been too painful either. It helps to have a goal (like a sweet transmog piece) to work towards. Once he reaches that skill level, he could complete Leatherworking in WoD since they plan on allowing skillups for professions through the garrisons. Patch 6.0.3 also fixed a bug that specifically affected Rokk. The bug would not allow a Windwalker Monk to craft more than one item, even when hitting the Create All button.

Even with WoD only being two weeks away, it isn’t too late to start working on building professions for the next expansion. It’s not like there’s anything else going on between now and then.

Oh.  Right.

Oh. Right.

Fist of the Little Dragon

I’ve really enjoyed playing my Monk. Rokk is almost level 60, and I’m struggling to decide whether I will boost him to 90 or play him through the content. The profession bump would be nice, as would being able to try out his end-game abilities before patch 6.0 comes along and changes everything. Patch 6.0 is supposed to drop a month before Blizzcon, which puts it around the October 13th date. I’ll be AFK for two weeks in September (or at least, unable to play WoW) so I’d have two weeks or so before 6.0 comes.

Whatever. I’m still enjoying myself. The martial arts aspect of it is a whole lot of fun. I’ve always dug the martial arts in games – from Dungeons and Dragons, to Street Fighter.

I’ve always had a special place in my heart for Martial Arts movies, too. The evolution of the martial arts superstar can be traced back from the Tony Jaa’s and Jet Li’s of the 2000’s, to Jean Claude Van Damme in the 90’s, and Ninjas in the 80’s. But one man started it all back in the 70’s, and his name was Bruce Lee.

The man was amazing.

Take many of the Monk’s abilities in World of Warcraft, and watch Bruce Lee pull them off in real life. Hell, he did things in real life that should be coded into WoW. People like making Chuck Norris jokes in Barrens chat. Notice how nobody ever makes Bruce Lee jokes?

That’s because Bruce Lee is no joke. The man should be WoW’s next Hero Class.

The Monk’s Level 100 talent should be “Look out, it’s Bruce Lee!” What would it do? It’s Bruce Lee. What do you think it would do?

Monk vs Monk Leveling


My Human Monk, Merculees, has been put on hold at Level 35. He returned to Stormwind, put on his (soon to be) transmog gear, and shipped his heirlooms off to his Horde counterpart, an Orc Monk named Rokk.

That’s right, imma say it loud and proud: Finally The Rokk has come back to Azeroth.

Once upon a long time ago, I had a Death Knight (shocking, right?) named Rokk. But his people needed him or something, so he climbed in his rocket ship and rocket-server transferred. Consequently, he lost his name on both the server he left and the server he went to. Thanks to some generous GM intervention (Thanks Blizz!) I got the name back for my Orc Monk. When I first logged in on him I found a bunch of my macros were still live for the DK. Needless to say, changes were made.

Monk Rokk started off a little differently than his Human counterpart. I still wanted him to PVP, but unlike Merculees he wasn’t going to be starting off in a Call to Arms scenario (which meant no honor point or xp spike.) It was a much slower leveling grind, slogging through Battlegrounds. Which also meant he got his ticket punched much more often. But it also allowed for some great matches. Highs and lows for sure. I don’t know how some people can say one faction is more dominant than the other in BG’s. I’ve seen both sides do some stellar things, as well as some stupid things.

For yet another change of pace, Rokk quested in Eastern Kingdom rather than Kalimdor. I haven’t really leveled a Horde character on that side of the world, so as soon as he reached level 10, Rokk hopped a blimp and relocated. Again, it was a new and different grind. There were different questing storylines to experience. I was seeing zones that I hadn’t seen since before the Cataclysm, if at all.

Thanks to the Zygor Leveling Guide helping me along, Rokk thundered along to level 35 as well. Now I’m stumped. Do I continue to level my Orc Monk, or does the Human get called back up to the mound? Alliance, or Horde?


  • Human racial is great in PVP.
  • Gear looks better on Human.
  • The only Alliance character I’ve leveled was a Draenei Death Knight, so I haven’t played Alliance from 1-55 before.
  • Horde

  • Better support system (guild, my alts)
  • Green + Swoll = Win
  • Wears gear well, even better if WoD makes posture correction available.
  • Orc racial is great for damage.
  • So… who advances? Merculees or Rokk?