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RotRL- Dropping the Dragonhammer

Tiberius Dragonhammer, the Riddleport Wrecker

Rise of the Runelords – Episode Twenty-Five

Now I know what you’re thinking.

“Donny, I mean what the Hell man! I know you were looking for content for your blog. I know you wanted to post your Rise of the Runelord campaign session summaries. Tell the people about your party’s shenanigans, and maybe offer up some tips and things for other people who might run the Adventure Path someday.

Cool, right?

But last time I checked, you posted something for the Rise of the Runelord campaign called Session Two. Session Two! You’re talking about Episode Twenty-Five now! You either have a wacky naming convention, or you missed TWENTY-THREE EPISODES!

As stated above, WHAT THE HELL MAN!”

Allow me to retort.

I’ve got nothing. Nothing except the fact that I tend to forget to post things on here. Then when I remember that I have a thing called a blog, which hungers for a thing called CONTENT, so much time has passed that I tell myself I’ll start posting these things all right after the next session. But then the cycle starts all over again.

I am a horrible, horrible blogger. And for that, I give an apathetic shrug.

So, yes, I am posting a link to our latest session of Paizo’s Rise of the Runelord campaign (or Adventure Path, as the marketing geniuses like to say). And yes, I call it an Episode on the blog and a Session over on the World Anvil page because I’m just zany like that!

Here’s the link to Episode Rise of the Runelord Session Twenty-Five – Dropping the Dragonhammer!

Also, for the sake of full transparency (Editor’s Note – and to prevent having to go back and generate twenty-three new posts), I will post the link to the World of Golarion where you can find all of the previous Rise of the Runelord session summaries, along with some NPC’s, Locations, Organizations, and all that kind of good stuff.

Here’s the link to the World Anvil page for the World of Golarion!

Now that I’ve linked up everything, is there anything else I should add to these posts? GM thoughts and notes maybe? Tips? You know, like the stuff that was mentioned in the hypothetical quote that started this whole post in the first place? Let me know in the comments below what you’d like to see.

RotRL – Goblin Attack

Rise of the Runelords – Session Two

Having partaken in events of the Swallowtail Festival, the heroes now find themselves up to their elbows in combat as a large band of goblins have attacked the sleepy town of Sandpoint!

Blood, brutality, and the appearance of a masked hero? Yes, all of that and more! You can find the summary of the events over on our campaign World Anvil page by clicking HERE!

GM Thoughts

  • The session introduced a few of the town’s NPCs, including Sheriff Belor Hemlock and owner of the Rusty Dragon, Ameiko Kaijitsu. It also briefly introduced a vigilante character that the party may bump into again. This character will have certain healing powers that may allow them to aid the party down the road. One of the players is a cleric; however he will rarely be able to attend sessions. The town has a cleric, but his healing powers are limited. The vigilante may become an NPC that could travel with the party and act as healer should they decided to add this mystery character. I hadn’t decided exactly what to do with the vigilante, and the players didn’t seem to show a great deal of interest when they made their appearance. So this mysterious hero may end up remaining in the shadows.
  • What about the PC cleric? The player told me I could use the cleric as a healbot. I appreciate the effort on his part, but I don’t like using another player’s character. Should the dice go poorly and the character dies, I would feel guilty. My policy has always been that if a player can’t make it to a session, they just fade out of existence. When they can play, the character is there. In our last campaign, that resulted in some clutch strategy when the player ended up saving the party just by arriving in time.
  • Level One is tricky for characters. They’re just so squishy! One day they’ll look back on facing a group of goblins and laugh. One day.

RotRL – Welcome to Sandpoint

Sandpoint – a quiet little town.

Rise of the Runelords is one of the first adventure paths produced by Paizo for the Pathfinder RPG, and one of the most popular. My players voted on several options and they decided that they wanted to play this classic beauty. I got ahold of the Anniversary Edition and gave it a read.

Then, we gave it a play. You can find our Session One summary over on our World Anvil campaign page by clicking HERE!

I’ll go into the evolution of this campaign as we go along. Most of the campaign has been played over Roll20, and there have been issues with that as well. This session happened several months ago, but I’m posting it anyway for a) content, and b) continuity. I posted my last campaign, and there really isn’t alot of Pathfinder content online so I’m doing my part to spread the Good Word.

GM Thoughts

  • This session revolved around getting the PC’s together and introducing some of the NPC’s from around town. They also met some characters who were not from the adventure path, but were actually from the previous Second Darkness campaign. They didn’t recall the characters until I mentioned it after the session.
  • It was a good session in that it let everyone stretch their legs and roll some dice. The players had fun, and so did I… mostly.
  • Right from the first session I knew I was going to have issues. I prepped for this session (overprepped actually – see my Party Time post) in record time. I thought I would like the fact that I didn’t need to do much of the heavy lifting with Rise of the Runelords. Unlike Second Darkness, Rise of the Runelords did not need any converting or fleshing out. It was fine to run right out of the box. It turns out I have a problem with this. That, coupled with COVID lockdowns and very little to do, got me twitching. I’d have to put my own spin on things because apparently I can’t help myself. But for Session One, I just briefly included a couple of NPC’s that were a nod to the previous campaign.

Rise of the Runelords – Party Time

Image by Paizo

My players and I have started our new Pathfinder campaign, Rise of the Runelords. It’s always been a well-received adventure path, but with the release of the Anniversary Edition, it is now considered one of the best.

It starts off with the players getting together for something called the Swallowtail Festival in the town of Sandpoint. The party, like most good parties, ends with fire and carnage. But until things go south, I wanted my players to enjoy themselves at the festivities.

What is a festival without games, am I right? And games is what I wanted the characters to get involved with (even though they ended up really not caring one way or the other). Still, good games really help set the festive mood.

As luck would have it, the community minds over on the Paizo forums came up with some extra games for the players to indulge in. Games such as:

The Devil Hunt

Do you have what it takes to bring down the infamous Sandpoint Devil and keep him from menacing the surrounding area? Take a shot and see. This is an archery range setup on the beach down by the Lighthouse. Two large targets, with silhouettes of a scary looking winged horse on them, are set up 50 yards away from a firing line. The bull’s-eye is about where a horse’s heart would be. There are bigger concentric circles around the bull’s-eye.

One copper piece per play. Using the longbows provided, fire two arrows at the target, scoring the best one. Hitting a bull’s-eye wins a small pie. Hitting anything else wins progressively cheaper trinkets for each band outside the bull’s-eye, with nothing for a miss. Hitting AC 20 gets a bull’s-eye, each band out side that is AC 18, AC 16, AC 14, and AC 12.

This game is being run by Jodar Provolost (CG male human Expert 1/Ranger 3), an older balding Varisian with black hair, a big thick black mustache, and a noticeable big belly. He is a mediocre carpenter, but is considered one of the best hunters in Sandpoint. He is friendly, but has lots of bad jokes, and particularly likes telling his (untrue) stories of his encounters with the Sandpoint Devil. The pies have been provided by Alma Avertin from Sandpoint Savories. They aren’t her best work, but they are good enough for what they are.

Sheriff Hemlock has asked Jodar to quietly make note of anyone who scores a bull’s-eye, or gets both shots in either of the center two circles, so that he can later approach them about joining the militia. Jodar asks anyone who wins his or her name and then announces quite loudly “Attention! Insert name has done Sandpoint a great service. He or she has slain the Sandpoint Devil! Here’s your pie!”

If you’re planning on running this Adventure Path, check out the link above for ideas to bring more games and merriment to your players… before it all disappears in a bundle of fire and teeth and blood.