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On Wings Of Nether

Due to some RL family issues, I’ve been unable to commit myself to putting fingers to keyboard to put something on the blog.  However, I do feel like I should get something up here and will therefore post my latest achievement (or achievements, which surprised me).

First, I’ve always loved the Netherwing Drake mounts.  Drakes may look cool, but ones that look like sharks surpass “cool” and land somewhere in the neighbourhood of “badass”.

Burning Crusade Onyx Netherwing DrakeThe voiceover for the Netherwing Drakes would be done by Samuel L. Jackson, for the record.

After finishing up in Firelands, or finishing up as much as I’d bother to, I thought I’d try grinding out the rep to get myself one of the Netherwing Drakes.  Especially now, since most people don’t bother with old content and the netherwing eggs that can be turned in for rep wouldn’t be as contested as they once were.  It only took a few days, rather than a few weeks back in the old days, but after my last drake egg hand in I was surprised when two achievements popped up on my screen:

WoW AchievementsEven the Netherwing’s achievement banner is badass.

Fifteen exalted reputations?  News to me.  Regardless, with a great deal of satisfaction, I finished off the final quest (which involves a brief meeting with Illidan Stormrage OMG SPOILERS), and reaped the reward of selecting my very own reins of the Onyx Netherwing Drake.

Herculano and his Onyx Netherwing DrakeMy reins are the ones with “Bad Motherfucker” written on them.

Cataclysm Beta – Welcome To The Machine

Disappointed with my lack of blog fodder, I scoured the internet for something of interest to post about.  China playing WoW again?  Sure, that’s great if you happen to be Bobby Kotick.  But if you’re not, that little chunk of data won’t exactly blow your skirt up.  What about Blizzard’s win in court that netted them a cool 88 Million Dollars?  Unless I’m going to see some of that money in one form or another, it’s hard for me to give a damn.

I considered rehashing some Cataclysm Beta news, but after listening to a few podcasts covering the same material, I decided I’d rather stab myself with a fork than go over things that might change overnight (or things I hope will change overnight).

However, all was not lost.  Once again, MMO Champion came through in a big way when they showed me TotalBiscuit‘s Video of the Greatest Quest In Beta.  After watching the video, I kinda agree with the Cynical Brit.  After you watch it, you’ll think so too.

The People’s Champ

Finally the Rokk has laid the Smack Down on the biggest Jabroni walking around the Argent Tournament!

Okay, so not really. However there was much smack that was laid down in ample quantities. The Black Knight was just the first. Once we qualified for Champion status, and had already beat the rest of the Horde representatives, it was time for the Alliance to get theirs.


And then, once the smoke had cleared and the dust had settled, we proved what we’d already known, and the good Tauren of Thunder Bluff came to realise –

We are the People’s Champ. You’re welcome.

Only Fifty Clams

They’re practically giving blues away.

Winterfin Retreat needed The Rokk’s help. If there’s one thing I know, it’s that you can’t discriminate. If they’ve got an exclamation mark hanging over their head, any quest they have is as good as someone else’s, regardless of race, creed, or faction.

Except Alliance. They can go pound salt while pissing up a rope.

Anyway, there’s a Clam Vendor at the Winterfin Retreat. While running quests at the opposing Winterfin Murloc camp, you easily scrounge up Winterfin Clams. In fact, in the time it took me to finish up Oh Noes, The Tadpoles! and Them! , I easily rounded up the 50 clams necessary to purchase what was pretty much an upgrade from the axe I was using –

Not only that, but if one wanted to make some easy gold in the AH, you simply have to get 100 clams and hand them in for a Siren’s Tear which usually sells well (100g last time I looked).