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Level Headed



There’s more than one way to skin a cat.

That’s a figure of speech and not an open admission of sadism. I feel like I need to clarify that sort of thing because this is the Internet after all and some of you are pretty twisted.

Not me, though. Nope. Right as rain here.

Of course, that gets called into question when I decide to level another alt to 110. To be fair, it didn’t start off that way. At first, it was just an experiment to see how much gold I could make on a new server. I had a boosted toon on a Horde server, but rather than level up yet another DK I decided that my farming toon would be a Demon Hunter. No twinking, no locking his level. Just run my farming route and let nature take its course.

Now my DH is 110 with an iLevel of 822. It’s been fun, so I’ll probably finish off his Class quest, get him his Slayer title, and then call the experiment complete. I have to admit, I actually enjoyed leveling this time around. Probably because I didn’t do it the way I did over the past four toons. I learned a few things, and if I level another character I may do this again.

What did I do? What did I not do?

  • I didn’t follow the zone storylines. Been there, done that four times already. Wasn’t excited to do it for a fifth. Not entirely, anyway. My priority with my DH was as a farming character, and that’s what I did. Grinding mobs. Picking flowers. I focused on that, and every quest that did not involve doing something involving the lore/zone storylines. I did the Profession quests. Order Halls.  Class quests. I snagged his other artifact weapon just for the XP.  
  • Zone storyline quests fill in the gaps. Two things suffer when you level outside the main quest lines – your artifact power and your gear. I got a little bit of each from completing the occasional random dungeon, but it wasn’t until I started doing the zone storylines that I started getting some meat on those bare bones. Mind you, I was already 108 when I started pushing zone content for the fifth time. But even those two zones that I did run were enough to get me a respectable iLevel by the time I reached 110.
  • PVP paid off. I’d queue up for dungeons while I was leveling, but it wasn’t until level 108 before I even considered dipping my toe into queueing for random BG’s. I could select two that would not be up for random selection, and the wait time was shorter than dungeons. I was surprised by how much XP I was being awarded for winning. I didn’t pull exact numbers, which could be reason enough for me to lean this way if I level another character. The gift box at the end of the BG also had the potential to provide artifact power, gear, or gold. If and when I level up another character, I may start this a bit sooner and take note of the spoils of victory.

Like I said, I’m still working on Captain Demon Hunter. He’s not quite finished his class quest. But while he may not be a Slayer yet, he was killing the content in his own way. Get it? Slayer? Killing the content?

JOKES, people.
Also, Happy Holidays.

Best Way To Gear Up in Patch 6.2.4


Shopped for so much new gear that my Willy was exhausted.


A little while ago I wrote a post  that outlined farming honor in Ashran, and how it was a great way to gear up. The video from that post was pulled down by the creator, and that was too bad. It was a good video.

Now about the title of this post. Judging from the first paragraph, you may be assuming that I’m going to say that the best way to gear up is through PVP. Well yes, kinda, and no.

Before you storm off, telling me that you suck at PVP and this post obviously doesn’t apply to you, just pump the brakes on that and give me a second to explain. Okay, maybe more than a second. I don’t know how fast you read. I’m not psychic. If I was, I’d be writing this from some tropical villa and not in my frosty hovel with the heat cranked, eating toasted praline peanuts damn the calories.

Where was I? Oh yeah, the gear. I said yes, kinda, and no as far as PVP goes. Here’s where I explain that stuff.

YES – you will be spending honor to purchase gear. With honor, you can get iLevel 700 gear. One purchase, and boom! You don’t need to grind apexis crystals for days, trying to get 20000 so you can upgrade to 695 and then have the valor to bump it up two ranks to 705. Granted, that is all very valid and in the end you end up with 705 rather than 700 gear. But this is the easiest way to get some amped gear.

KINDA – You need to farm honor in a PVP zone, specifically Ashran, for this to work. Also, there may be some armor pieces that don’t have the secondary stats you’re looking for. So in some cases, PVP gear might not be the way to go.

NO –  I didn’t kill any players, nor engaged them at all, to get any honor. In fact, I can’t really do anything in Ashran because my comp doesn’t process the mass groups of players sitting on top of each other throwing bombs. By the time I catch up, I go from standing in an empty space to dead.

I get my honor three ways: farming fragments from mobs, completing bonus objectives, and finding fragment treasures. I do one circuit around the outskirts of Ashran and can usually return to my base with about 100 fragments. That’s good for 300-400 honor. After a few laps I can buy a piece of gear.

Umren (brofist!) posted a video last summer that outlined some of this, as well as listing TomTom coordinates for the treasures and the route he takes.


I used both the route and the coordinates and let me tell you, this still works. I mix in apexis gear as well, depending on stats and how I’m feeling about farming. But I’ve used the honor gear to upgrade several pieces of timewalking gear, and in some cases, entire outfits.

This has its drawbacks though. Depending on your faction, it can take awhile to queue for Ashran. Sometimes the opposing side will run you over when you’re farming, and when you die you lose half the fragments you had on you at the time. It can be situational, but don’t let a fear of PVP keep you from this. Like I said, most of the honor I farmed came from doing simple PVE stuff in the PVP zone.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes!

Demon Hunter PvP in Legion Alpha

Demon Hunters will be the new hotness at the launch of Legion. They are the new “hero” class with all sorts of interesting abilities, not to mention the sexy tattoos and horns. The question is – just how cool and fun, etc, are these DH’s going to be when they step into a Battleground at end game? How will Demon Hunters hold up against various other classes in PvP?

As a surprise to no one, Bajheera took a level 110 Demon Hunter out for a PvP spin and I think he feels they’re all right. Maybe. Check out his video and decide for yourself.

WoW Legion PvP Overview

As many of you are aware, the coming of Legion means the end of PvP as you know it. Also, as many of you might be aware, Blizzard likes to, well, “borrow” certain ideas and concepts from other video games and incorporate them into their own. With that in mind, hey look at how Legion is changing PvP in a way that I’m sure is not intentionally copying Call of Duty.

Bellular, being just that damn awesome (and having access to the Legion Alpha of course), fills us in on what kind of changes we can expect from the PvP scene (and how it somehow does not include a noscope 360 Headshot… yet).

6.2.2 Frost DK PvP Survival

Frost Death Knight


It doesn’t matter what your iLevel is, a dead man’s DPS is zero.

A couple of weeks ago during the battleground event weekend, I learned a thing or two about myself. I discovered that I’m not that bad at the whole PVP thing. Also, fun fact, if I’ve got someone throwing heals at me I can wreck some serious face.

Such is the dilemma of a Frost Death Knight. I can pull some serious deeps, but staying alive can be a bit of an issue without a pocket healer. That’s where my boy Hazzed comes into the picture. He is one of the top Frost DK’s in the PVP scene, and he’s a great teacher too. The man can drop some serious knowledge.

For example, Hazzed turned me around as far as my thinking about self-heals go. Blood Death Knights are damn near unkillable. Frost DK’s tend to be a little more squishy. That all changed once Hazzed showed me the light when it came to keeping my ass alive. Who knew that Frost Death Knights had such great heals?!

Check out his video below.  Watch. Learn. Survive.

And kill.