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Only a week into 2018…



It’s been about a week since the start of 2018 and I think I’ll be sleeping out the rest of this World of Warcraft expansion.

It pretty much dawned on me when I did a preliminary calculation of my Hordeside Order Halls. The total came to about 59,000 gold. Now that’s nothing to sneeze at for one week of essentially logging onto my Legion app. But prior to this, I was putting up much bigger numbers. I did that by logging in twice a day, every day. But lately I’m only logging in once, almost every day.

We’re just talking about the app here. An icon on my damn phone, that I carry around with me all the time. That’s not even logging into the actual game, which I have rarely done for more than a couple minutes a week to refill my Order Hall resources.

I’m not even keeping up with WoW happenings. I’ve seen Youtube videos (isn’t that were most folks get their WoW news these days?) where people are mentioning events like buying Legendaries from vendors, and the release of the cinematic where we will retire our artifacts.

I’m not an end game players. I don’t raid, so I don’t care about Legendaries. I know it’s a pride thing for some people, and more power to them, but I couldn’t care less about the status of Legendaries. Legendary items should be rewards at the end of a long quest. Not something you luck into. But that’s old school RPG me.

As far as artifacts go, I think that was the last of my motivation for logging in. Why spend time making my weapon better when I’ll just be handing it in a few months from now. Especially when I have no reason to log in and use it.

I know me. I ebb and flow as far as my WoW interests go. I’ll be bored, then I’ll get bit by the bug and start playing something different. Maybe it’ll be to renew the Ironman challenge. Maybe I’ll want to wreck face in PVP. Maybe I’ll want to build a fortune on a new server.

Right now though,  I’ll just keep clicking my app. There’s things in the really real world that have my interest, like the writing bug that bit me again and consumes my waking hours. Like the Pathfinder campaigns that I’m participating in and running. Also, the damn 2018 Pushup Challenge, where I try to do 2018 pushups in 2018. Currently I’m sitting at just over 500.


What are you doing to keep yourself occupied lately in WoW?

The 2017 Pushup Challenge


Get Stronger in 2017


This is not a resolution thing for me. This is more of a “get off your ass again” kind of thing. It’s also a “your birthday is coming up and you want to get better as you get older” kind of thing.

It’s also a Goku thing. Specifically Gokuflex.


Ironically, the man is built like an Anime powerhouse.

I started watching Gokuflex (aka Matt Kido) videos about a month ago, and he has definitely motivated me. It was a mix of his DBZ angle connecting with my inner (and not so inner) nerd, and his practical approach to nutrition and fitness, that appealed to me. In any case, I saw his New Year’s video and it gave me an idea. A goal.

That goal: 2017 pushups in 2017.


Now there’s no way I’m doing two thousand pushups in five hours. I’m just not at that point physically. I don’t think I’ll even do them in five days. But I plan on working out a little more regularly than I currently am. With that, I’ll incorporate pushups into the workout. I’ll also do them when I’m not working out. If I’m at home playing World of Warcraft and I’m taking a flight path, I’ll knock out five or ten pushups while my toon is in the air. If I’m in a BG and I’m waiting for the start timer to tick down, I’ll bang out another quick few.

What’s the point, you might ask? It’s about two things really: getting stronger, and getting active. It’s something anyone can do. If you started today and did six pushups a day – we’re talking two when you wake up, two at lunch, and two before bed – you’ll Achievement Ding your 2017 pushup goal by December. And you’ll be 2017 pushups stronger than you were in 2016.

As gamers, that’s what we do – we build up our avatars by gaining experience points and improve their weapons and gear. We make them stronger. I plan on doing the same thing with myself.

That’s the bottom line, whether it’s in WoW or RL – Get Stronger.

I’m planning on doing the challenge this year. I will succeed. I will get this achievement. How about you?