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Critical Role – Episode 86



Sometimes people do things for the right reasons and it just makes things worse. Sometimes those people are the Mighty Nein. Here’s Critical Role’s episode 86 – The Cathedral!

The Mighty Nein race to the cathedral of the Dawnfather in a desperate effort to stop Obann’s sinister plot…

Danger Club – Episode 78



Whatever you do, don’t ask what the secret ingredient is for drow chili. That’s, like, the First Rule of Cooking Fight Club.

Dubya-Tee-Eff am I talking about? Find out on the Danger Club podcast, episode 78 – Krant Buy Me Love!

With the bag of weapons missing, The Club’s infiltration is in danger of being discovered before it can properly get started. To avert disaster Shania must hit the kitchen and cook up a storm!

Danger Club – Episode 77



So you wanna join a cult, do ya? It’s not just bread and water. It’s old fruit and metal masks! Take notes while the Danger Club does their thing in episode 77 – Step Up!

The Club become take the first of the 31 steps of enlightenment and become full members of the Church of Razmir. If they want to keep their cover then they’ll need to learn the rules, get to know their fellow acolytes and recover their weapons. But there are eyes and ears everywhere!

Danger Club – Episode 76



The Club attend a recruitment day for the Church of the Living God. Karagor and Velder probe for information, Folton and Bubba turn informant and Shania shows how well she can hold her drink.

… sounds like my Monday morning. Enjoy the Danger Club Podcast episode 76 – Kool-Aid and the Gang!

Danger Club – Episode 75


The Club attend a rally at the Temple of the Living God in order to understand their enemy better. They have a way inside but first they’ll need to prepare and for that Shania is going to have to ruffle some feathers!

I couldn’t have said it better, so I won’t. Check out Danger Club Podcast episode 75 – Only for the Hardcore UK Ravens!

Episode 75 – Only For The Hardcore UK Ravens