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How to Build Thanos

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… the end of it. At least, when it comes to this year – 2020 hasn’t been as fantastic as some may have thought. Sure the tabletop crew thought 2020 meant Double Crits y’all. Who knew it meant double crits against us.

Speaking of cosmic forces laying waste to humanity, Tulok the Barbarian created a build for the Mad Titan himself, Thanos. This build was for Dungeons and Dragons 5e, but it’s easy enough to use the flavor and mechanics for this and turn this into a Pathfinder build. Something for everyone! Perfectly balanced, as all things should be…

So join me, won’t you, and celebrate the end of 2020 with a snap of the fingers.

Second Darkness – Episode 72

Lasdolon has plenty to smile about.

Well this is it. The final showdown between the Guardians of Golarion and the mad drow Lasdolon. The stakes have never been higher for the heroes, and dying at the hands of Lasdolon would probably be preferred rather than living but failing to stop him from bringing about a Second – and Final – Darkness for the world.

Here it is, the campaign finale for Pathfinder’s Second Darkness – Episode 72!

Second Darkness – Episode 71

Ever so close to the end, the Guardians of Golarion gamble on making a big push to deactivate not one, but two of the protective focus glyphs so that they may take down Lasdolon, the Master Glyph, and save the world of Golarion from destruction!

But first, before they save anything, they must do two important things:

  1. Deactivate the Glyph of Defense and the Glyph of Fury.
  2. Don’t die.

Well, one out of two ain’t bad…

Here’s Second Darkness, EPISODE 71!

Second Darkness – Episode 70

With their eyes set on the next focus glyph, the Guardians of Golarion make the trek to the Rotstone Hollows. However, what they find there is much older, and much more dangerous, than the glyph itself – the k’thir, immortal creatures born of the blood of Tharzduun himself!

Check out the breakdown in Second Darkness, EPISODE 70!

Image by Arturo Orta

Second Darkness – Episode 69

The quest to disable the powerful focus glyphs of protection continue as the Guardians of Golarion delve deeper into the Land of Black Blood. But what of the large metallic “egg” that they recovered from the Abyss? What kind of creature could be locked inside such a device, and do they dare open it?

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the next glyph is nestled away in the not-so-scenic Hanging Forest, protected by a creature infused with the black blood of the land itself. Can the Guardians defeat the mighty Moldering Emperor and deactivate yet another glyph, getting them one step closer to the final showdown with the mad drow Lasdolon?

Find out in Second Darkness EPISODE 69!