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RotRL – The Golemworks Incident

This session was a little different than our usual campaign episodes. It didn’t involve the main roster (for the most part.) No, this session was a chance to let the players scratch that itch and play their backup character. Anyone who has played tabletop RPGs knows that when you make a character, they’re just numbers on a page until you take them out for a spin. When they interact with the environment – and other players – they go from being a concept to an actual character. Personalities begin to develop.

That’s what I wanted for these characters. Give them some dice time, and let them interact with the World. See if what worked on paper translated to the actual game. This session was a one-shot to get the group (affectionately known as the B-Team) a bit of experience so that these backup characters could be called up to the main roster with a bit of dice-time to them.

How did the session go? Well, good for some. For others, not so much. Read for yourself in Rise of the Runelords Episode 29 – The Golemworks Incident!

RotRL – For Whom the Bell Tolls

Rise of the Runelords – Episode Twenty-Eight

After discovering the subterranean lair beneath the Seven’s Sawmill, the Saviors of Sandpoint faced off against a death cult of Norgorber, worshippers of Father Skinsaw. The made some disturbing discoveries – chests filled with loot from murdered innocents, a room filled with faces mounted like artwork, and a sacrifice led by none other than Justice Ironbriar!

But even more disturbing than that was the revelation that Ironbriar had been meeting with Xanesha, Mistress of the Seven, at a place called the Shadow Clock. Armed with the location of their quarry, the heroes plotted their next move.

Would they stop Xanesha’s sacrifices once and for all? Would they discover what – or who – the sacrifices were for? More importantly, would they survive the encounter?

Find out in Episode Twenty-Eight of Rise of the Runelords – For Whom the Bell Tolls!

Table-Sized Dungeon Map for a Dollar

These days, folks tend to run their tabletop RPG maps in a digital format. Maybe they’re playing over Roll20, or they have a TV or giant monitor that they use to project their maps. But what does one do when they have a map so big, so epic, that it simply cannot be contained on a screen?

The Miniature Mash-Up Youtube channel just may have the answer you’re looking for. Inexpensive, practical, and quick to put together!

RotRL – The Smoldering Sawmill

Kilgor – I don’t just make dead people, now I… see them?

Rise of the Runelords – Episode Twenty-Seven

Having survived an ambush at the Magnimar townhouse of Aldern Foxglove, the Saviors of Sandpoint obtained evidence suggesting Aldern’s involvement with the mysterious group known as the Brothers of the Seven. They also recovered the deed to Foxglove Manor, which verified not only Aldern’s connection to the Brothers of the Seven, but that he was making payments to them at a place cleverly called the Seven’s Sawmill.

Would the sawmill bring the heroes one step closer to stopping the ritual murders from continuing in both Sandpoint and Magnimar? Would they discover the identity of the mysterious Xanesha, Mistress of the Seven?

Find out in Episode Twenty-Seven of Rise of the Runelords – The Seven’s Sawmill

RotRL- Dropping the Dragonhammer

Tiberius Dragonhammer, the Riddleport Wrecker

Rise of the Runelords – Episode Twenty-Five

Now I know what you’re thinking.

“Donny, I mean what the Hell man! I know you were looking for content for your blog. I know you wanted to post your Rise of the Runelord campaign session summaries. Tell the people about your party’s shenanigans, and maybe offer up some tips and things for other people who might run the Adventure Path someday.

Cool, right?

But last time I checked, you posted something for the Rise of the Runelord campaign called Session Two. Session Two! You’re talking about Episode Twenty-Five now! You either have a wacky naming convention, or you missed TWENTY-THREE EPISODES!

As stated above, WHAT THE HELL MAN!”

Allow me to retort.

I’ve got nothing. Nothing except the fact that I tend to forget to post things on here. Then when I remember that I have a thing called a blog, which hungers for a thing called CONTENT, so much time has passed that I tell myself I’ll start posting these things all right after the next session. But then the cycle starts all over again.

I am a horrible, horrible blogger. And for that, I give an apathetic shrug.

So, yes, I am posting a link to our latest session of Paizo’s Rise of the Runelord campaign (or Adventure Path, as the marketing geniuses like to say). And yes, I call it an Episode on the blog and a Session over on the World Anvil page because I’m just zany like that!

Here’s the link to Episode Rise of the Runelord Session Twenty-Five – Dropping the Dragonhammer!

Also, for the sake of full transparency (Editor’s Note – and to prevent having to go back and generate twenty-three new posts), I will post the link to the World of Golarion where you can find all of the previous Rise of the Runelord session summaries, along with some NPC’s, Locations, Organizations, and all that kind of good stuff.

Here’s the link to the World Anvil page for the World of Golarion!

Now that I’ve linked up everything, is there anything else I should add to these posts? GM thoughts and notes maybe? Tips? You know, like the stuff that was mentioned in the hypothetical quote that started this whole post in the first place? Let me know in the comments below what you’d like to see.