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Second Darkness | Episode 48 – Death Walks Among Us



In our latest Pathfinder session, the heroes tried to get a good night’s sleep. Instead, they were plagued with nightmares that for one of them, didn’t end when they woke up.  Death, curses, and demons abound in episode 48 of our Pathfinder Second Darkness campaign – Death Walks Among Us!

Image by Marvel and Sideshow Collectibles.


Second Darkness | Episode 47 – Faces of Death



In our most recent Pathfinder session, the party attended an auction filled with criminals and ran into an old frienemy(?). Some of the heroes walked away with some sweet magical gear. But one of the heroes left the auction with something much more valuable – the identity of the man who killed her father!

Check out the summary for our latest Pathfinder session of the Second Darkness campaign – Faces of Death!

Image by Paizo.