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Second Darkness – Episode 68

With the deck stacked against them, the Guardians of Golarion must face the machinations of the mad drow Lasdolon, who is hellbent on unleashing the even madder god Tharzduun to extract vengeance upon the gods themselves!

To stop him, the Guardians must first deal with the potential betrayal of one of their own. And if that wasn’t bad enough, they will also have to face one of the might denizens of the Abyss itself!

Just another day at the office for the Guardians of Golarion. Enjoy Second Darkness Episode 68!

Art by Miguel Rigodon.

Second Darkness – Episode 65

Apologies for the lack of updates on my Pathfinder campaign, Second Darkness. We have been meeting in person once again. The remote sessions have been fine, but nothing beats playing in person. The chemistry can’t be beat.

That being said, we are entering the final book of Second Darkness – Descent into Midnight! The Guardians of Golarion must now enter the Darklands to save not only the elven kingdom of Kyonin, but all of reality!

You can check out the latest episode of Second Darkness (Episode 65) by clicking HERE. If you’d like to catch up on any of the past episodes, click HERE and click on the Second Darkness Episodes link on the left side of the page.

Second Darkness – Episode 58

It appeared that the Guardians of Golarion had achieved a victory of sorts by destroying the remaining dragon shard of Zalatas. However, while they did alter the visions shown by the Readers of Minas Amer, the disaster seemed to now be focused on a single city – Iadara, the elven capital of Kyonin.

What will the Guardians do? Find out in Second Darkness Episode 58 – Dire Warnings!

The Importance of a Session Zero

Don’t skip a session zero, or a leg day.

I recently began conversations with my Pathfinder group regarding our next campaign. We’re currently flying through Book Five of our Second Darkness campaign, and with the sixth and final book just around the corner I thought it was time to get a feel for what they wanted to play next. Nobody wanted any extended downtime between Second Darkness and whatever would come next. That meant I’d have to start preparing, or at least reading through the books of whatever Adventure Path we chose to play.

But even with everybody prepared, when we sit down to play our new campaign I still intend on having a Session Zero. I feel that session zeros are important to help the players and the GM establish things, and really set the expectations for what comes next.

Jason Bulmahn, Game Designer for Paizo, recently sat down and discussed the importance of having a session zero, and why it is important for both players and the game master. Now I’m barely literate and nowhere near as articulate as a seasoned game designer, so I encourage you to check out the video below and see just what Mr. Bulmahn has to say on the topic.

Second Darkness – Episode 57



Deep within the Warlock’s Crypt, the Guardians of Golarion narrowly evaded the devastating effects of the portal trap. That was the least of their worries, as they came face to face with the lich Rommath the Ageless, Overlord of Enkirel. But all roads lead to the Dragon Shard of Zalatas… and someone else was waiting at the end of that road.

Find out what happened on Second Darkness Episode 57 – The Warlock’s Crypt!