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Preparing for BfA

Woah, it’s been a minute since I posted anything on this here blog. This is becoming a habit. Can not doing a thing be a habit? Would that be some kind of unhabit?

I’ve been doing my WoW chores (aka Order Hall missions on my phone) on an almost-daily basis. I log in to replenish my resources, gather gold, and buy tokens. Bufaah (or BfA I suppose) is just around the corner so it’s time to double down and milk that gold-making cow as long as those Order Hall udders are producing.

But with Battle for Azeroth only a couple of months away, those teets are going to be tapped very Soon(™). Then what? How does one make that sweet and easy gold once the Order Hall gold gets nerfed (TO THE GROUND BAYBAY)?  I’m sure there’s going to be another Garrison/Order Hall to abuse at some point. But until then, can we abuse the toys we have?

Sure can. I stumbled upon this Lon Measley video, which gave me enough ideas to keep the gold flowing. Okay, maybe a trickle but it’s something.


Another Week of Gold


Hello Internet. Well here we are, another week and another stack of gold waiting for me at server reset time. This time in the tune of over 90,000g in one week.

So what changed this time? Last week, I pushed to get two more characters to Argus. They blitzed through the questline up to the point where they unlocked the first gear quest for the first Argus faction you reach. Once those were unlocked, I had quests where I had to get six order hall champions to gear level 900.  That seemed to unlock the more profitable gold quests. Then it was just a matter of waiting for them to show up on the old quest board.

I don’t know if this Class Hall / Order Hall / Gold Hall is changing my playstyle very much. I actually find myself comfortably playing my main when I have time, rather than rushing around to all of my alts and logging them in, doing their profession world quest, sending it to the AH mule, and posting it. I’ll be honest though. It does feel like I’m wasting gold by NOT doing those things and only doing my Gold Hall missions. Which, I suppose, I am.

Sorry this post is so short. I just wanted to update you on my Order Hall Haul for the week. I may push to get another couple characters off-world and on to Planet Gold. But I’ve got quite a bit of work to do on my days off, so I’d best get to it.

Rokk out!

Lazy Gold Science


Gold Shower

It’s practically falling out of the digital sky!


You’d figure I’d be better at this blogging thing. I’ve been doing this long enough, it shouldn’t be an issue. I was going to write this on Tuesday, right after the results… nevermind. Let’s carry on as if I’d planned this – on to the cash, baby!

Last week, right after the server reset, I decided to see which lazy (re: minimal effort) method would make me the most gold in a week. Method one was using the Order Hall treasure missions. Method two was logging in every few days, making Hexweave bags, then selling them on the Auction House.

Both seemed fairly balanced in their own way. They were on separate servers and different factions, and naturally there would be the usual random variables at play. There was no way to know exactly when a treasure mission was going to come up, or how many per character would be available over a week. The Auction House is the Auction House, and while Hexweave bags still sell quite well there’s always ways to manipulate the market.

After their surprisingly profitable run the previous week, I decided that the Horde server would continue running their Order Hall missions. Six characters would essentially just sit by the Order Hall board, renew and refresh missions, and replenish Order Hall resources as necessary. I’d play my main once in awhile as I had time.

The Alliance server would be my Hexweave crew. There were five tailors there, and my Alliance main made six. Since his Order Hall was almost as optimized as the Horde Halls were, he would generate his gold through Order Hall gold missions. That would roughly balance out with the tailors, plus compensate for any extra gold my Horde main might earn by being played. The tailors would load up their tailoring huts with sumptuous fur, and every three days I’d log in, gather the cloth, convert to bags, send to AH mule, then replenish the tailoring hut orders and log off.

Both methods involved minimal time investment once each character was “set up” properly. With the Horde, I could monitor their progression without even logging into the game. I could do it all through the Legion app, and log in only to replenish Order Hall resources. With the Alliance, I had to log in to generate the bags but I only had to do that every three days or so. I didn’t have to touch them otherwise.

Yeah, this wasn’t rocket science. Gold science, is that a thing? Sure, let’s call it that.

So what were my findings after a week?

Well the Alliance was a bit borked. First, it turns out that not all the bags I had been selling in the prior weeks actually sold. So I had more in my AH toon’s inventory than I expected. But the bags all sold this week, and at a good rate. Some other things in the inventory also sold as well, but the bag were selling at 2000g a pop. By the end of the week, the AH netted me over 48000g. The Alliance Order Hall test turned a tidy profit as well, bringing in over 8000g. So the Alliance Lazy Gold results were a grand total of approximately 56000g in a week! Even if I just counted the Hexweave bags generated for the week, that would still be 20000g just for logging in once every three days!

Horde-side, the results were all over the place. The gold missions were definitely random. Everybody got a few during the week, but some more than others. My lowest gold count was 4500g on one character. The highest was almost 29000g! But between everyone, the grand total was almost 83000g! Combined with the 75 grand they pulled in last week, I could almost buy a WoW Token in only two weeks!

I’m definitely going to keep the Horde experiment going. I’m planning on taking a couple more characters to Argus to unlock the Order Hall missions there. Those drop some Champion gear that increases mission successes, as well as tokens that increase Champion iLevels. And THAT opens up more profitable gold missions.

Okay Doc Rokk, what are your conclusions?

Only one, and stand back because Imma shout this one out for you.



Even if you have only one character, and you only use that one character for, let’s say, raiding and running the occasional Mythic+ dungeon. You can easily make at least four thousand gold a week on that character WITHOUT EVEN LOGGING INTO THE GAME! Check my previous post to see how you would go about getting your character set up for success. But once you do, you should be able to make enough scratch to cover your raiding needs at the very least. Maybe, if RNGesus smiles on you, you’ll pull in enough to get yourself a nice transmog piece too.

Have you tried using the Order Hall to make gold? What kind of results have you seen? Give me the deets in the comments below. I’d like to see how this has been working for other people.

Rokk out!

Order Hall Goldmaking

My Grandpappy used to say – “Fucking Goblins keep stealing my lucky underwear!” He also used to say, “When life hands you lemons, kick him in the bollocks.”

Grandpappy was a unique duck.

Still, if you sifted through the madness you could salvage a kernel of wisdom. Like the lemon thing. Make the most of a situation, or something like that.

My work schedule last week was atrocious. I was covering for a co-worker, so I ended up working six nights in a row. That meant that not only was I a barely functioning zombie with blood consisting of 20% coffee, but I wouldn’t have very much time to play World of Warcraft. My non-work waking hours, few as they were, would be spent with actual people doing actual things.  Life can be busy like that.

Last Monday before I started work, I was at the gym trying to sweat some life back into me while running on the treadmill. Soaked in my sweaty shame, I came across this Youtube video from Bellular – How to use the Order Hall to make some easy gold. Like, a lot of gold.



I was intrigued. Most of my Order Halls were functional enough to run like the video suggested. I did use the catchup mechanic and bought the armor tokens for a few of my Order Hall Champions. Once everyone was sitting at 880 iLevel, I spread some resources around to everyone and set things in motion. I decided I’d try this for a week, from server reset to server reset. I’d do this with the five characters I had on my Horde server, using the mobile app to check on their missions while I was at work. I would only run gold missions, or armor missions to boost any Champion who was not yet at 900 iLevel. When resources ran low, I would log into the game for a few minutes to redistribute bloods to resources. I’d pop in, snap a few screenshots, and log out. I didn’t farm, didn’t sell on the auction house at all. I also didn’t pay attention to how much gold was on each character until the week of testing was done.

Today was the magic day. I would see just how much gold my five characters made with almost next to no playtime.  I logged in and transferred all the gold to one character so I could see the results.

The grand total: 75,092 gold.

I was a little shocked, and a little more impressed. Granted, the gold missions were more plentiful on the two characters with more epic followers. But even the characters who has mostly blue level followers still managed to make anywhere from 5-8k each. Prior to this, I was making my gold by selling Hexweave Bags on the AH. But the Order Hall seemed much more lucrative without sinking a whole bunch of time into it.

Naturally it’s not as easy as it sounds. Like Warlords of Draenor’s Garrison gold factories, it took a great deal of setup before they became profitable. Order Halls are much the same. You need the Champions, the gear, and the missions for it to pay off. Maybe this past week was just a run of good luck. Maybe I couldn’t repeat those results.

So I decided to try it again.

I wanted to compare the Order Hall results with my previous passive gold-making technique with Hexweave Bags. I have four tailors on my Alliance server, and one character  with a fleshed out Order Hall. On the Horde side, I will run the Order Halls again. In another week, I will compare the results and see what the results are. Will the old lazy style bring in more gold? Will the Order Hall method pay off again? I will find out in a week!

In any case, I think I’ll have a WoW Token waiting for me at the end of this.