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Making Gold With Your Barn

Holy Christmas, how’s garrison life post-patch for ya?

Sure I miss not having tens of thousands of gold in my bank every week. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible to rake in plenty of gold. If you have the time, you can probably make several thousands of gold without too much effort.

The catch? You gotta have a Barn in your Garrison.

Let OldBess explain how to use the Barn to farm yourself some sweet, sweet gold.

Get it? Farm? Barn? Look at me, making gold AND jokes!


Gold Farming in Everbloom

With Legion just around the corner (OMG less than a month), people have started looking to the future. Old raids are getting nerfed, treasure potions and getting gutted, so what’s left? Turns out quite a bit.

Oldbess dropped some knowledge, and hopefully this spot doesn’t get hit with the nerf bat too. These kinds of spots are my favorites in that they’re instanced, so you don’t have to compete with anyone else and can take your time farming. It’s one that you can do now, but it’ll be even better once you cap out in Legion.


After watching this video, I decided to give it a try (as I like to do). Problem being, I’m not a Heroic raider so my gear iLevel is nowhere near what Oldbess was running at. He was about iLevel 720, where my Blood DK offspec was sitting around 695. Trying this would be suicide, no?

I said Blood DK. #DeathGripCity, bitches!

I tried a couple of packs, nothing crazy. I survived the pulls, but I could see how a higher iLevel (or actual tanking gear, rather than my DPS gear in a tank spec) might make more of a difference. The gold potential is definitely here, and it will only get better with Legion.

Shadowfang Keep Gold Farm



Oops I did it again. I leveled a toon. Got lost in the game.

Oh baby baby.

My monk was a character I was just going to level once in a while. It was not my intention to get him maxed out in short order or anything like that. No rush in getting this guy to 100. Just casual. Yeah, casual.

Next thing I knew he was at 85. Monks + their daily xp buff + heirloom + dungeons = well, 85.

As you might imagine, he’s coming up short on cash. I did have a couple thousand gold, but I burned that up buying old justice gear to use for transmog. He had to borrow to get his 280% flight.

Therefore, I wanted to find a way to pause and pick up some scratch. Get a bit of a nest egg started. I know I’m going to need 5000g for a maxed out garrison. I’ll probably need more gold before that. I want him to pull his own weight, which means farming. And all the popular farming spots are Pandaria or higher, which is not exactly viable for an 85 character.

What to do?

Oldbess offered up this video outlining some easy twink gear to farm. Mobs were level 19 or so, easy enough to run and run fast. Potentially some cash to be had here. I’ve never been a fan of using transmog gear to make cash. There’s too many variables involved – server size, personal preference – for it to be considered reliable income. Sure, if you get lucky and happen to get one of these pieces to drop, you can make bank. But someone has to actually buy it for you to make money, and that piece of sweet transmog can sit on the AH for quite some time before it finally goes.

Anyhow, check out the video because Oldbess is solid for gold tips and despite my feelings on farming twink gear, it’s a good piece of gold-making cinema.


Have you tried this spot? Has it worked out for you? If you’ve farmed Shadowfang Keep let me know in the comments below if you made some nice scratch there, or if it came up flat.

Heart of Fear Gold Farming

It’s January, and you know what that means. That’s right Internet, it’s time to start paying off all that damn insane debt you loaded up on over the holidays. I know I am, which means trimming some expenses here and there. Reallocating some funds, so to speak. And so, with the Canadian dollar sharing the value of a turd floating in a toilet bowl, I cancelled the part of my WoW subscription where I pay for it with real money, and will instead be using in-game gold to pay for my WoW subscription.

Stuff just got real.

So other than the garrison (which is insanely lucrative when you have a small army of alts grinding out treasure follower missions), what can a poor soul do to earn some gold?

Sidebar – I cringe every time I read about someone asking how to make gold. Unless you’re buying WoW tokens and selling them for gold, you’re going to have to do work. Just the way it is.

Okay, so, doing work.  Here’s a little number I tried out briefly – Heart of Fear in Pandaria. This place is great because it’s instanced, so you don’t have to fight anyone else for mobs. It’s a Potion of Luck kind of farm, but it can be a nice little casual grind. The downside is that you’re locked out after ten resets, but you can zip over to Sra’vess and bang out some more gold there.

You like movies and visual explanations? Me too! So here’s Oldbess to tell you pretty much what I just told you, only better!


I gave this a try the other day. More of a taste than a real good go at it. I only went for twenty minutes, aka the duration of a single Potion of Luck. My results? After twenty minutes, between vendoring greens, selling a few mats, and raw gold, I made just over five hundred gold. That maths out to 1500 gold in an hour. That’s just bro math, based on a fraction of a single run. I’m going to try this for the full hour and see what kind of numbers I put up, but it’s definitely a nice little jaunt if you’re hoping to make gold without giving it too much thought.

Making Gold With Alchemy in Patch 6.2.2


Okay Internet, here’s the deal. It’s no surprise that Warlords of Draenor had its shortcomings. One of which, one that surprised a whole lot of people, is the general shatting on of professions. They really didn’t feel all that important, despite the fact that WoD made it easier than ever to level the damn things up. In fact, there’s no better time to start a new profession since it’s that easy to get it from 1-700.

But that’s not this post. Another post maybe (hey, someone write that down as a post idea) but not this one. This post is about using professions, in this case Alchemy, to make some easy gold with a little flip.

Remember how Alchemy was such a big gold maker in other expansions? Damn, I probably had four characters with alchemy because the transmutes were just raking in the gold. Well in WoD that all went to Hell and generally if people made any coin on Alchemy, it was from raid flasks.

But here’s a little flip you can use to make some straight-up pocket change. You can buy the mats off the AH, or make them yourself to increase your profit. But if the market allows, this is what you want to buy –

  • Alchemical Catalyst (5) < 4.5 gold each
  • True Iron Ore (1) < 2 gold

Combine those to make Draenic Philosopher’s Stone that vendors for 25.31 gold. That may not seem like much, but I hit the AH and doubled my investment in like five minutes.

Credit for this goes to Oldbess (of course) and here’s his video to walk you through the process, if you need some visual aids.

Check out his other profession flip vids and see if there’s a way to really monetize the skills that Blizzard blew off.

That… that sounds kind of dirtier than I intended. Still, use dem skills. Make dat gold.