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TGIF – Limited Supply Recipes

Back in the days when I would start a new character on a new server, I had a two-step process to start making gold. First, I would get the character to level 5 and have him learn the professions mining and herbalism. He’d then run around, picking flowers and breaking rocks, then selling a stack or two of each. Once those auctions had sold and I had a few gold to work with, I’d buy certain limited edition recipes from vendors, triple the listed price, and wait for them to sell. Usually within a week I’d be shopping again, pockets flush with that sweet vendor recipe coin.

People are lazy. Why fly around the coutryside hoping the recipe they’re looking for is available, when they can just go to the AH and buy it there?

I don’t know how profitable this avenue would be these days. But, should you be so inclined to give it a try, here is a video from Nicorn who not only outlines what to do and where to go, but also hooks you up with a sweet addon to make things even easier. If you try this, comment below and let me know how much you made!

Easy Timeless Chest Loot

A few weeks ago I took Herculees to Timeless Isle for the first time. I didn’t know much about it except that it was where the cool kids were hanging out, also epic gear fell like rain. Seriously, the stuff was just laying around waiting to get scooped up. I did a cursory search on the Internet to see if Blizzard had truly given up on equipping characters and just said “please wipe your tears away with this purple gear.” It turns out that Timeless Isle was the place to get gear, it was in fact just laying around (in chests), and that I should expect to die alot.

I downloaded locations for the Timeless Chests spread out across the island. With a little bit of hustle, I managed to get to most of them (while dying a few times – even the damn mobs were elite). I picked up quite a few pieces of purple loot, and amassed a few thousand Timeless Coins. I had no idea what I was going to use them for (damn funny money), so I ignored the cash (?!?) and sorted through my epics (!!!). Luckily most of them were plate, and since 90% of the classes I play are Death Knights, that’s a smackload of win.

Then I cam across this video.


I had maybe 5500 Timeless Coins, enough for eleven keys. But with the coins I picked up during my chest opening spree, I probably ended up with closer to twenty keys. And after the smoke had cleared, I ended up with about two hundred Timeless coins, no Pet, and four epic pieces of gear.

Leather pieces of gear.

Go figure. I just happen to know a guy who may need an epic shirt.