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Critical Role – Episode 89



The Mighty Nein take a couple days of downtime in Rexxentrum to research, train, and reconnect with faces from the past…

Critical Role – Episode88



The Mighty Nein must deal with the political ramifications of their choices as they wade further into the depths of the war between the Empire and Xhorhas…

Critical Role – Episode 87



Running on fumes, the Mighty Nein face down the new form of their old threat, but it is diplomacy that proves to be an even greater challenge…

Critical Role – Episode 86



Sometimes people do things for the right reasons and it just makes things worse. Sometimes those people are the Mighty Nein. Here’s Critical Role’s episode 86 – The Cathedral!

The Mighty Nein race to the cathedral of the Dawnfather in a desperate effort to stop Obann’s sinister plot…

Critical Role – Episode 85



Assassins! Pumat! Gryphon Riders! The Mighty Nein tie up some loose ends in episode 85 – The Treads Converge!

The Mighty Nein find danger in an unexpected place when they’re forced to contend with an assassin, and inch closer to uncovering truths about both the Angel of Irons and themselves…