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Eight Things To Do Before 7.3


So Patch 7.3 is dropping this Tuesday (August 29th), and it’s going to take all day to do it. Good day to be working, or doing anything rather than waiting for servers to go live.

For folks like me who might not be in the loop, this patch will be changing a few things as far as classes and gear goes. Oh yeah, and we’re also going to Argus. Yep, a whole new planet. Which also means you’re going to be back to ground mounts only. Good times.

Now there’s not much to do as far as prepping for the patch. But Belle from the guild Method (and I’m sure most people have heard of Method) released a video that offers up eight tips to prepare yourself for patch 7.3


Method’s Tips for Patch 7.3 –

  1. Unload defiled runes.
  2. Bank Order Hall resources.
  3. Work on your Champion’s item level.
  4. Bank your Blood of Sargeras.
  5. Save your Obliterum.
  6. Stock up on Goblin Gliders.
  7. Save your higher item level relics.
  8. Level alts.

For an explanation of those eight tips, check out the video below.

Method’s Heroic Highmaul Raid


Well that could have gone better.

Just as several million people tried to log into World of Warcraft servers, a very serious, very coordinated DDoS attack hammered Blizzard. Plus, wait queues of hours, thousands of people still trying to log in. There’s anger, and understanding. Some people are already Level 100, and some have set to set foot into the Warlords of Draenor content.

Screw it. I can’t even get to my computer for another week. You hear that Blizz? You’ve got about six more days. Work that shit out.

Let’s think about better times. Hey, remember Blizzcon 2014? That was fun. I followed it on Twitter and even that got me stoked. I watched some of it live on my phone, when I could. I missed Method taking on Midwinter in the Live Raid. In a recently posted video, Method’s guild leader Rogerbrown explains how they tore up the speed run on Heroic Highmaul and did Midwinter dirty.

You might as well watch it. It’s not like you’re going to be playing WoW anytime soon.

Final Boss Podcast – Blizzcon 2013 Live Raid

I remember my last Blizzcon (2011? 2012? Guess I don’t remember it that well!) Panels, events, meetups, it was a great time and great experience to have. But the thing that had the biggest impact on me was the Live Raid. I watched Blood Legion take on Vodka as they sped through the Cataclysm bosses. I don’t raid, but I could appreciate watching two teams of top-shelf talent go head to head against each other.

So while I continue my medically-issued vegetative state, enjoy with me the latest Live Raid from Blizzcon 2013. Special thanks to the Final Boss Podcast for posting!