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The Danger Room

Matt Colville is an old-school Dungeon Master from way back. Probably as way back as me (post-dawn of time), and maybe further! The man knows his stuff, is what I’m saying here.

One of the many things I like about Matt is how he draws from previous games to enhance his current campaign. His most recent video is a great tip for players and DM/GM’s alike who want to not just build chemistry between characters, but for players to test their new characters without getting them killed.

Welcome to The Danger Room.

I did something like this a few years back when my players started our Pathfinder campaign, Second Darkness. Everyone sat around the table, I let the players give a brief description of their characters, then I set out a map with some minis and said “Roll for initiative.”

Now they didn’t know that the characters were not in any real danger, so it wasn’t a true Danger Room kind of scenario. But they got to flex their muscles and see how those stats and abilities worked in “real-time”. Afterward, I told them that if they wanted to make any adjustments after what they had seen, now was the time to do it.

I really like the Danger Room concept, and think I’ll use it more often in the future.

Law vs Chaos


All roads lead to Batman.


I think alignment can be one of the trickiest things to handle in RPGs. For me, it is one of the most frustrating.  Once upon a time, there was only Lawful and Chaotic alignments. Then, because there’s always shades of grey, good and evil were thrown into the mix. Naturally, neutral factored into the equation. Shades of this and that, understanding of those shades, made things more complex that they probably should be.

Matt Colville (@mattcolville), as he does, managed to clear up and straighten things out by asking a single question about a road sign.

Confused? Watch the video. It’ll clear things up quite nicely.