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Pandaren Pet Tamer Dailies

They say that there’s more than one way to skin a cat. I can only assume that “they” are budding serial killers who are still at the “animal torture” stage, and you’d probably do well by putting Mister Cuddles down and not taking the advice of crazy people who want to graduate from skinning cats to wearing your skin as a coat.

Speaking of cats (smooth segue btw — Editor)…

My OG Hunter had a busy, non-Valentine related weekend. First, for the low low price of 30,000gp he picked up a new title which, I guess, could be Valentine related:


He really hearts Cats. For reelz.

To celebrate his new title, he decided to pick fights with some Pandaren tamers. Then, for good measure, he hunted down the last few pets that had eluded him in Pandaria and added them to his collection.


With all that goodness behind him, he’s almost at level 91. You’d think he’d be more than ready for Draenor. He is, of course, but there’s still a few more achievements to get in Azeroth. Might as well clean up those loose ends before heading to another planet to start trouble (with their battle pets and tamers). Mind you, if he’s sticking around, he should get as much xp as he can. Like, by running the Pandaren Tamer dailies in his spare time.

More leveling on old content? Why live in the past? First, shut up. Second, there’s a few reasons to use the Pandaren Tamer Dailies.

– He can use this to level up more battle pets to use or sell (did I mention the 30k gold hit I took?)
– It’s the only way to get xp buff food for battle pets.
– Eleven tamers (including the pandaren spirits) x approx. 13000xp per = 143000 xp in under an hour is not too shabby.
– It may be old, but it’s new content for me. AKA avoiding leveling burnout.

There are plenty of ways to defeat the tamers. World of Warpets created this speed run of the Pandaren Tamers, with tips on how to beat them and what pets to use. It’s an old video, and there’s probably better pets to use. But it gives you a good starting point for developing your own strategies.

Now Andrej Petrovskiy, his video is a bit newer but does the same job.

Notice how both videos approach the battles as a two-pet fight, with the third pet kicking around for leveling? Pet boosting is standard operating procedure, and the last thing I want to do is to violate a good SOP.

I’m not sure if I have the level 25 battle pets to pull this off. I may have to powerlevel a few, but it’ll be worth it.

Top Eight Ways to Level to 90

With the Warlords of Draenor expansion release date finally upon us, players who may have stepped away from the game are coming back to get their mains ready for WoD. Or, maybe they’re looking to get their alts to 90 so that they never have to look at another Pandaren again. In any case, people are trying to level up as quickly as possible (without spending sixty bones for a boost.)

I’ve tried a few methods myself (including the boost) and as luck would have it, I stumbled across a video Asmongold had made regarding the top eight ways to level up to 90. I’ve used a couple of the ways he mentions, so I tend to agree with his overall assessment. He takes a very smart approach to the top eight, so check it out and feel free to try some of these methods yourself if you’re hoping to hit 90 before WoD comes out.

Pet Battle Leveling Comes To An End

Your usefulness is at an end.

Your usefulness is at an end.

I attribute my lack of blog posts due to a few things, one of which involves playing a little bit of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 (it actually has a campaign setting too – who knew?).  But after coming down with an amazingly disgusting throat infection I stayed home from work to rest.  After I woke up and tried to choke down soup, I logged onto my Death Knight and thought I’d try to get him to 90.  Imagine my surprise when I found that Pet Battles, my primary experience hoarding technique, stopped giving XP at 89.

Great.  Quests.

Well, yes and no.  I did link a video to a nice grinding spot, which becomes available after running a quest line.  I ran the quests, unlocked the area, and started grinding.

Pros and Cons of Leveling Through Pet Battles

My currently grinding Death Knight has had the pleasure of stomping his way through level 86 to his current halfway point in 88, all just by doing Pet Battles.  Even at a real casual, non-stressful pace I’ve managed to… well, not dread the leveling experience.  Call it burnout, call it Post Traumatic Leveling Disorder, but Pet Battles has been just what the doctor ordered.


Or Nurse, as the case may be.

Or Nurse, as the case may be.


As my Death Knight closed in on level 89, I started to wonder if maybe I should start questing in Dread Wastes once I crested.  Thankfully for blog content, I decided to weigh the pros and cons of leveling via Pet Battles rather than by traditional questing.



Con: At lv 88, quests give around 196,000 xp.  Pet Battle victories net you roughly 145,000 to 165,000, depending on the level of the pets you are fighting.  Basic math tells you that 196k is more than 165k.  If you’re blankly staring at the screen, just trust me on this.

Pro: Depending on where you are picking your battles, Pet Battles can bring in more XP per hour than questing, if you can knock them off back to back.  Zhu’s Watch in Krasarang Wild is a great spot with plenty of battle pets roaming around, if you’re sick of fighting the ones in the Vale of Eternal Blossom.



Con: Well, any loot you get from Pet Battles is going to be something for buffing your pet.    You can level from 85 to 90 by running Pet Battles until your eyes bleed, but at the end of the day you’re still going to be wearing the same level 85 gear you started with in Pandaria.  Quests give you gear you’ll be able to use to get into dungeons.

Pro: There is an entire section of Achievement Points dedicated to Pet Battles.  Most of them really aren’t that hard to get, and if you’re levelling up through Pet Battles you’ll probably get a great deal of them by default.  While you might not get gear from unlocking these achievements, you will get some titles as well as more pets (the Celestial Dragon is BEAST MODE for Pet Battles.)



Con: You don’t make any gold by winning Pet Battles.  You get gold rewards by completing quests, and if you get a quest reward that you don’t really need, you can sell it and double dip into the gold pool.

Pro: You can make gold by buying level one blue pets off the auction house on the cheap, then selling them for a hefty profit once you level them to 20 (or 25 if you feel ambitious).  I would suggest stopping before 25 because you might get some people who want the achievement for getting a certain family of pet to 25.  I’ve bought pets for 300gp and sold them for 3000gp.



Con: Well there’s a few things here where Pet Battles might come up short.  You’ll have zero rep at level 90, locking you out of valor and justice gear.  But that won’t matter since you won’t have any justice points due to lack of running dungeons on the way to 90.  Good luck getting into heroics having never set foot in the regular dungeons to start with.  And aside from a handful of zones, you really won’t see much of Pandaria since you’ll only be grinding in a couple of spots on the entire continent.

Pro: The reason I decided to level through Pet Battles is because I’d already run the quests a few times and wanted something different.  I’m not suggesting you level this way on your Main.  This is more for the person who wants to level their alt a different way, a little more casually while still progressing in levels.  You can start a battle, toss a load of wet laundry in the dryer, and finish the battle.  Nice and painless.



I’m certainly not saying that Pet Battles is the best way to level.  Questing is still king, since it provides everything you need as you level – you learn your class through combat, you get experience, gold, and gear.  You gain rep with various factions, some of which you might actually need.   But if you’re rather dive into a swimming pool filled with syringes rather than play with yaks one more time, Pet Battles are definitely a great way to level up.


No.  Just no.

No. Just no.