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My Favorite Big Bang Theory

Yep. Still here.

No, not really playing WoW.

I shouldn’t say that. I’m essentially doing what I’ve always been doing – leveling a character or two, then using them to farm mats and sell to buy tokens. I use the tokens to pay for game time or just to throw cash in the account in case I get motivated to do something.

Pretty much just staying poised in case I need to make some Warcraft moves, you might say.

Strap in, because I’m now about to take a hard left turn to Nerdville.

Last night, The Big Bang Theory had an episode that I have been waiting to see. I don’t watch the show on the regular, but for the first time, I was actively waiting for it. The episode was called the D&D Vortex.


So what does this have to do with anything? Well, this was big for a few reasons. Lately, I’ve been playing Pathfinder, which is a spinoff of old-school Dungeons and Dragons. I’ve been a player, and a Dungeon Master running my own campaign. It has let me funnel my creative juices and really let me step into a role I feel comfortable in.

Last night’s episode was interesting because, much like World of Warcraft, it showed that a “nerdy” game can be enjoyed by people that aren’t your stereotypical nerds living in their parents’ basement. I mean, Joe Manganiello was probably the biggest D&D fan there. Yeah, the dude from Magic Mike likes rolling dice.

Kevin Smith is also getting into it as well as a guest star on Geek & Sundries new show, Relics and Rarities with Deborah Ann Woll!


I guess the point of this post was just for me to gush about how TTRPGs and MMORPGs have come a long way. Maybe also to point out that I haven’t forgotten about this blog. Also to hint that more of my posts will have a more TTRPG leaning rather than WoW.

How about you, dear reader(s)? Do you play any tabletop RPGs?