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RIP Ranissa


Another one bites the dust.

I’m 100% to blame for this one. I’d been leveling as a Prot Warrior since Level 10. I thought to myself, “I’m carrying around a decent two-hander, and I haven’t tried Arms since I switched to Prot. I wonder how it would do?”

Four mobs at almost an equal level as my Ironman, as a DPS build. That’s a recipe for RIP DERP status.  Dammit.

You live, and you learn. The lesson from this death was – If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Especially if you have a lapse of patience while you’re drinking your coffee.

This death didn’t bother me as much as I thought it would. What hurt the most was that she had made 2700g from selling drops and the small eggs for the WoW Christmas event.

Time to get back to it.

The Green Ironwoman




Well… she’s level 30. Posting this will probably be the kiss of death, but the Ironman challenge continues. Again. I stayed Horde, but decided to go Goblin female because why not? I’m sure the fact that she’s now my highest level Ironmanwoman is totally coincidental.

First Aid is quite interesting now. Winter Veil is kicking off, and selling Small Eggs has been quite profitable. I’ve managed to skill up her First Aid to 300. One bandage heals her for more Health than she even has. Handy!

Guess we’ll see if she dies in the next day or so, as per every other Ironperson I’ve posted about. Fingers Crossed… again.

RIP Zavage


Son of a bitch. Really? REALLY?

I don’t know what it is, but it seems like within a day of me mentioning a character that I’m using for the Ironman Challenge, that character ends up dead.

In this case, though, I was completing a quest while partnered with three NPC’s. We had to kill elites. Now that seems stupid right from the get-go, but hear me out. It was a calculated risk. The mobs were all three levels lower than mine, and I had three NPC’s with me. I pulled the first one and we burned it down quite handily. Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad, I thought to myself.


My next pull was a named Boss. Again, elite. Again, three levels lower than my character. Again, outnumbered four to one. So I pulled, and we attacked. His health bar barely moved.

Oh shit.

Suddenly, I was at half health. What the fu-

Then I noticed that he had a casting bar. What the fu-

Then I was dead.


And so, another lesson learned. If the info bar shows an elite mob, bounce. Doesn’t matter who gives you the quest. You can be loyal, or you can be an Ironman. Rarely can you pull off both.

RIP Zavage: Born, Lv 1 – Died, Lv 23


I have started another character. I don’t plan on talking about this one until it has exceeded Level 23, because I am now superstitious as well as paranoid.

The WoW Challenge continues. Or rather, starts again.

Damn it.


Hordly Zavage


After a week of vacation away from snow, I came home and decided to advance my Pandaren Ironman. He was at the point where he had to make the choice in the Pandaren storyline – Alliance or Horde. It pretty much came down to a coin flip, and it came up tails. So Horde it was!

Zavage tore it up like, well, like a savage. By the time I walked away, he was level 21 and still qualified as an Ironman. That officially makes him my highest level Ironman challenger yet!

Leveling him isn’t my only goal. I’m also trying to build some gold on him. That’s potentially tougher than leveling. He can’t have professions, and he can’t run dungeons. He can’t group up. His gear is just north of ass-tastic. Needless to say, it’s another uphill battle.

Honestly, that’s about it with me and World of Warcraft. I’m not doing anything really end-game, and I’m earning enough gold with the Order Halls to buy tokens. Hopefully this Ironman thing carries my interest for a bit longer. Otherwise, things are gonna get mighty sparse around these parts.


Rokk Talk – Iron and Gold


I don’t know when this is going up, but as I write this I’m about fifteen minutes away from finishing my night shift. That seems like an excellent time to put a blog post together, because it’s like I’m getting paid to blog. Living that dream!

The downside, of course, is actually having something to blog about. Since BlizzCon I haven’t really done anything new. The lazy gold keeps pouring in, so that’s something I guess. I just build up my order hall resources and run gold missions on my phone through the Legion app. This past week was rather profitable, making just over 90 grand Horde-side and 30k gold for the Alliance. I could bring those numbers up by getting more characters onto Argus and unlocking a few of those phat gold missions.


Speaking of BlizzCon, people have been excited about the news that Blizzard will be releasing Warcraft Classic, or whatever they’re calling their vanilla server. There’s even a movement in game called Project 60, where players try to capture that Vanilla experience. I’ll let that big ol’ slab of swole gamer, Bajheera, explain via Youtube.


I’m not big on nostalgia, so this really doesn’t float my boat. But far be it from me to poop on people who enjoy swimming upstream with rocks in their pockets. Uphill. Both ways.  I’m not opposed to leveling challenges. Play the game how you will. That’s why I’ve decided to attempt, once again, the WoW Iron Man Challenge on my new warrior Freakenstein.


Next stop – level cap!


Warriors are beast, so I know that the issue won’t be the content that kills me. It’ll be my lack of patience. So good luck Freakenstein, and my condolences.

There we go. Guess I’m getting things done after all. Next stop, sleep.

Rokk out.