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Pet Lovers


Someone call the police, for this kitty has stolen my heart.

I had someone send me the link to a Youtube music video last week.  I thought it was going to be kinda dumb.  But for two days I played it, over and over, to the point where I bought the song on iTunes and slapped it on my iPhone so I could listen to it all the iTime.  The music touched me on such a level that I even got my groove on at the gym while listening to it.

A time and place for everything.

So while I now try to decide if I’m going to start going to the gym at two in the morning or switch to a gym where nobody knows me, I feel that I should post the video for all the social shut-ins and World of Warcraft Hunters out there to enjoy.

The Best Hunter Pet

Every Hunter has heard the question – what is the best pet to have?  Chat channels, guild channels, forum boards, all have been smeared with that very question.

This video answer the question once and for all.

A Slow Grind

– Not much happened this past week, to be honest. Ruk kept looking for the Spirit Beast, made himself gear – Eaglebane Bracers and Swiftarrow Shoulderguards, and farmed mats.

– Halfway out of 78, and the pets are coming along. The Devilsaur is now being levelled for DPS, until I can get the Spirit Beast. Taming a wasp from Sholazar Basin is fine, but targeting can become an issue. I can’t imagine any group being thrilled with having to navigate around a giant flying bug. Maybe grinding up one of the wasps from Zangramash might be a better way to go. We’ll just put that on the list of things to do at 80.

– Questing is still a little frustrating. Ruk is working through the questlines, and they all seem to end at one elite boss. They’re not listed as group encounters, but still… what a pain.

BM and Survival Spec

Late last night I tried the difference between BM and SV specs. I tried it at the training dummy in Orgrimmar, using a Wasp. Simply changed from a 51 point BM to a 51 point SV. All I did was shot rotations, and SV came out ahead. Will I change specs? SV damage is bursty due to crits, and I doubt any pet could hold threat over that spiked damage, so I’ll keep levelling with BM for now.

Ding 72! Ditched the wasp (again) and levelled up the pets to 71.